Did Nobunny actually pee on an audience member at last night’s show?

He’d had words with an apparently belligerent fan, and their conflict escalated song after song until finally Nobunny got up on a monitor and whipped it out, apparently indicating that he was about to pee on the person if the person didn’t leave. I thought he was just miming the action, but the internet is speculating otherwise.

Anyway it was a great show otherwise. One highlight was the very angry, 50-second hit “Assholes.” (It was great both times they played it.)

[Photo by Hood Rat Stuff]

18 Responses to “Did Nobunny actually pee on an audience member at last night’s show?”

  1. Mike says:

    yuck, please keep Burning Man at Burning Man

  2. Greg says:

    That shit is played out, go back to driving pizzas around town.

  3. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  4. Swanky says:

    Cliché. Unoriginal. Boring.

  5. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    I’m pretty sure that Mission Mission has some readers who deserve this treatment. Go to it, Allan.

  6. Hood Rat says:

    Find this girl, she’d probably be able to confirm yes or no.


  7. timbo says:

    I think we would have noticed more if there was actual pee.

  8. thuglifecrunk187 says:


  9. Kenji says:

    Hey, Greg & Mike, nice Daisey Chain you’ve got going there……..

  10. Skizh says:

    That’s awesome!! I’m into that – he could piss on me anytime!

  11. Hood Rat says:

    According to some friends who spoke with the Bunny after the show, there was a pee attempt however no actual pee was produced. Sorry to disappoint.

  12. scum says:

    The Mentors would have beat his ass.

  13. Buco do Beppy says:

    He did not pee on her. She deserved it. She kept on hating on the artist. She should have just stayed at home. I recorded the entire show. She deserved all that she got. Viva Nobunny!