My Sunday sidewalk score was totally better than yours

I mean, just look at these gems!  Joy Division, New Order, Erasure, Depeche Mode, and even some BOOTLEG PRINCE (written on the back of that cassette is DNA LOUNGE ’94–haven’t listened to that one yet but it is sure to be epic).  The only reason I picked up the Alison Moyet is because the album was named ALF, although I am discovering that it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with my favorite alien.

Isn’t sidewalk music the best?  What’s some of the best discarded stuff that you’ve ever found just lying around here?

15 Responses to “My Sunday sidewalk score was totally better than yours”

  1. scum says:

    I was at that show and I still have the laminate somewhere.

  2. Vic Wong says:

    What are those… things?

  3. DJM says:

    I prefer the Sunday score of VHS.

  4. Sweet T says:

    Now you’ll just need to sidewalk score a tape deck.

  5. Ariel Dovas says:

    What about Noel’s?

  6. Helen Tseng says:

    Um, on Saturday I bought Siamese Dream and 69 Love Songs CDs from Doc Pop’s sidewalk sale, the latter of which appeared to have been stolen from a library in Minnesota

  7. R says:

    So what? effing hipsters.

  8. 'Deep says:


    I was at the DNA Lounge Prince show!

    It was an after party for one of his shows in San Jose. We hightailed it back here & waited for literally hours for him to show. I think we got back like 11~ midnight & waited outside for hime to show. Eventually they let us in & then at around 3, he came out and played.

    He was dressed in this black lace outfit & heels* and played for like 20 minutes on guitar I recall.

    And you’d think after waiting for hours, and hours it would have been a let down, but actually it was amazing. He *killed* it.

    I’d LOVE to hear that tape.


    *I remember thinking “God Damn, how is this impish little dude so fucking SEXY – and I’m straight!”