Woody Allen ate a cupcake from La Victoria Bakery

5 Responses to “Woody Allen ate a cupcake from La Victoria Bakery”

  1. goahead74 says:

    Since you’re interested in what’s newsworthy…I had a good shit this morning.

    • Appropriate comment says:

      Since Woody Allen is a poopy head and he’s been turning out crap following Hannah and Her Sisters, your comment is appropriate.

      Oh, and that Vicki, Christi, Barcelona was a huge turd. Scarlett Johanson cannot act at all, not one bit. Penelope Cruz over acted times ten, emoting to the point of ridiculousness. Javier Bardem is not believable, he’s a fat head. Ah but Patricia Clarkson, now she’s a B movie actress I can get behind.

  2. Osc says:

    @ Appropriate comment: And please let us know what works of cinematic genius YOU have produced lately.

  3. Betancourt says:

    there is the old joke about that handsome princely dragon slayer is actually a 15 year old pimply-faced teenager who has yet to find his place in the “real” world. while, some music can actually induce concentration. this allows children to wear them perfectly without having to have them slide off or on because they are too large for their head.

  4. Brookeypa says:

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