I shampooed with Rolling Rock

Just got a very important message from our pal Al:

Alex: I shampooed with Rolling Rock
Sent at 1:26 PM on Tuesday
me: on purp?
Alex: duh
me: why
Alex: cause I’m supposed to be givin up beer
for like 10 days
part of this thing I’m doing with my aunt
at any rate
I was drunk last night
and bought a six pack
and if it’s around
I’ll break down
and drink it
so I used it to shampoo
me: is that a thing?
Alex: http://www.refinery29.com/beer-hair-rinse
take one in the shower with you
drink half
pour the rest on head

Lookin’ good, Al! Thanks for the tip!

10 Responses to “I shampooed with Rolling Rock”

  1. womp womp says:

    This is actually a bad bad idea.. it’s a fairly easy way to get a nasty yeast infection.

    • tuffy says:

      It’s not a bad idea. And it doesn’t cause yeast infections – the yeasts that are in beer and bread are completely different than those found in vaginas.

      They yeasts in beer are actually good for the skin. The can help soften and smooth your skin.

      If you ever go to Prague look into taking a beer bath.

      The more you know.

      • womp womp says:

        No the candida(yeast) found in vaginas is very simular, and can be the same to whats in beer. In fact if you have a low ph level which may have led to your yeast infection it is advisable you don’t drink beer.

        That being said the world of mycosis(funge infections) is wide, and more varied than just vaginas (i’ll give you yeast do like dark warm places)..

        Though a lot of superficial, and cutaneous(skin / hair infection) mycosis are caused by dermatophytes(a non yeast funges); candida can also cause such infections.

        Either way.. all yeast infections are nasty, and can lead to even nastier infections.

        • speedvomit says:

          i actually got a yeast infection from drinking too much beer. I’m a dude too! Swear on my life!
          I used to live by the liquor store on 9th and judah and for a while they had a $10 deal on the Kirin ichi ban twelve pack cans. I drank so much beer and only beer for the next month or so that i eventually got a yeast infection.
          I blamed it on my girlfriend and went to the dr who told me to apologize to her since yeast infections can not be transmitted sexually. He also told me to chill out on the beer.
          True story!

    • tuffy says:

      Also, Rolling Rock sucks. How anyone could be tempted by that is beyond me.

    • GG says:

      Um… which hair did you think she was shampooing?

  2. scum says:

    I doubt any of you remember this product. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_on_Tap

  3. Jim says:


  4. MrEricSir says:

    This is perhaps the most involved way to smell like a bum that I’ve ever come across.

  5. KyleM says:

    This is so many levels of sad and pathetic. And yet I’d still fuck the girl in that picture.