RIP Caesar Chuc

Caesar is gone. Here is an excerpt of the statement from his pal Eric published here last week:

Caesar was a family member to everyone who worked at Serpentine, and a friend to dozens of other cooks and restaurant workers in the City. Serpentine ran, because of Caesar.

He came to the United States 6 years ago, in hopes of providing a better life for his family back in the Yucatan. He worked numerous jobs is kitchens around the City, and quickly became a legend among kitchen crews. Not only was he a selfless gentleman that would go down in flames with any kitchen crew; he also was the guy to call if you needed something. If you needed a fill in line cook, dishwasher, cleaner, whatever, Caesar was the guy to call.

3 Responses to “RIP Caesar Chuc”

  1. Satala says:

    I didn’t know Caesar but I will never forget him, his story and what happened to him. Does anyone know why and especially who did this?

  2. Prebs says:

    So sad. Has a fund been set up for donations to help his family?