New song from Girls’ Christopher Owens

Not sure if Girls ex-frontman has forgotten about us already, but we still give him a lot of credit for making the best music to come out of San Francisco in years, as well as generally keeping it real when it comes to SF. Any fears that breaking up the band would knock him off the course he’s been pursuing over the last 2.5 albums were unfounded, as this morning he released the intro and first track of his new album, out in January. In classic Owens style, he chronicles a cross-country tour to New York City, and even gets a little sexy at the end, with the following great lyric: “Hair on my head / tongue in my mouth / I’ve got it all figured out. / Open up your heart tonight, New York City. / Tongue in my ear / hair in my mouth / I want you to figure me out. / Open up your arms tonight…”

Love that guy.

Listen at Owens’ website (via Pitchfork.)

8 Responses to “New song from Girls’ Christopher Owens”

  1. JT Snowball says:

    Nice song, bad link.

  2. dsds says:

    its cool he is still doing it up, almost thought he was shilling out to be a full time model

  3. scum says:

    best music to come out of sf in the last 5 + years for sure. girls will missed. can’t wait for the solo material.