SF SPCA celebrates the World Series in the cutest way ever

For the duration of the World Series, the SF SPCA is waiving adoption fees on animals with both black and orange markings. Calico kitties! The little fellow in the pic above! My cats are A’s fans, but they totally support this promotion. Visit www.sfspca.org/adoptions to find a new pal!


My pet rescue sources tell me that the Michigan Humane Society is holding a friendly wager going with the SF SPCA. Per their Facebook:

We have a friendly wager going with our friends at The San Francisco SPCA! If the Detroit Tigers win the World Series, San Francisco SPCA will sponsor 10 animals in our care with a $10 reduction in their adoption fee. If the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, MHS will sponsor 10 animals in their care with a $10 adoption fee reduction. BRING IT ON!!

In the end, it is the pets who will win!!! Awwww, yeah I’m a dork.

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  2. Hey Ginny,

    Thanks for posting this! It really helps us find homes for our hardest to adopt cats & dogs!

    Hey, I would email this to you if I could find an email address for you…

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    I’d love to do an interview with you if you think it’s MissionMission worthy.