Bender’s owners take over beloved Tenderloin bar Deco Lounge

Okay, well I was bummed to announce that last weekend’s Haçeteria would be the last Haçeteria at Deco because of Deco’s impending closure or whatever, but now I’m stoked that the owners of one of my perennial favorite places are gonna be doing something new. Here’s what our tipster tells us:

Here’s some news… the four main owners of Benders have just bought a new bar, its called Deco Lounge now in the TL, it changed owners this week and it’s being taken over by Benders.

It’ll have a different name.

The Deco space is great. There’s an entertainment license, three big rooms on the main floor — and I think there’s an upstairs AND a downstairs. I’m sure the Bender’s team will deliver something killer.

[Image by Google Maps]

30 Responses to “Bender’s owners take over beloved Tenderloin bar Deco Lounge”

  1. i hope they keep the pizza and beer special!

    • sure says:

      I hear they are going to be toasting the election results with a new cocktail.

      It’s called The Sandy – it’s a watered down Manhattan.

  2. simon stark says:

    they’ll deliver something lame. for hipster douche bags.

  3. Where says:

    another gay bar turned into a hangout for suburban DBs who just moved here

  4. Brock Keeling says:


  5. Bob says:

    I used to go to Deco back when it was La Piñata to see Armando Jones perform:

    • aj64 says:

      and he was no slouch behind the bar either…

      la pinata’s “harry’s special” (chile relleno by armando’s mom) was the best ever. period.

  6. larkin says:

    I’m look forward to getting served Tecate and tater-tots by a smug bearded woman in the TL. Thanks Benders!

    • michael says:

      They are planning on keeping the bar more cocktails and less beer/shot like Bender’s in the mission…

  7. Mike Oxlarge says:

    Hipsters are now going to invade The Loin. There goes the neighborhood.

  8. Well, of course, everything about Bender’s is a suck-fest — most especially the customers — so good luck and go to hell in the Tenderloin, assholes.

  9. Shelle says:

    Since when in Benders considered a hipsters bar?

    • this is what i want to know. biker bar or metal bar perhaps, but hipster bar? just because you serve mac & cheese grilled cheese sandwiches doesn’t make you a hipster bar!

      • thuglifecrunk187 says:

        totes brahs. but at least we’ll never see the moron commenters actually inside the bar, so call it whatever the fuck you want and im stoked

  10. michael says:

    From what I have heard, the new bar will be more cocktail driven and less beer/shot like Bender’s. They will be catering to the neighborhood its in while trying to bring back a bit of the vibe that some of the bars that used to live in the space that Chambers now uses inside the Phoenix Hotel across the street. (think more backflip less benders)

  11. Voice of Reason says:

    To those complaining about this change: Your patronage was apparently not enough to keep it the business going as it was.

  12. Josh says:

    So, they’re going to do drinks like the Lush lounge, which is a gay bar in the Polk Gulch, but they’re going to have events… like the Lush used to have before they had noise complaints.

    I hope the old owners made some money for retirement.

  13. Ryan says:

    complain complain HIPSTER complain complain DOUCHEBAGS complain complain IRONY complain complain SARCASM complain complain

  14. Caroline says:

    Will nude men still play pool there?

  15. Nate says:

    I need updates!! What’s the status of the Lounge? When are the Bender’s folks going to release their awesomeness upon the world?

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