Joyful negativity

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11 Responses to “Joyful negativity”

  1. Rick says:

    I’m a hardcore Democrat but that is not cool. Grow up. We do not need more gridlock.

  2. Teddy says:

    ^I concur w/ Rick, no need to polarize the 2 party system any more than it is.

  3. Patsy says:

    Made me laugh.

  4. gregory says:

    because nothing causes gridlock as effectively as a chalkboard on the sidewalk in front of a video store smack in the middle of a 96% not-republican neighborhood.

    • womp womp says:

      it’s ok to say racist jokes if no blacks are around. AMIRITEORAMIRITE

      • what says:

        You have a point, but this is of course WAY WAY worse than racism. I mean, racism is basically solved, and it was never a big deal anyway, right? Whereas this shit is srs.

  5. Fuck you guys — red states need to see this message until their representatives quit refusing to work with people who don’t oppose anything that might help the working class, because OMG it might not help the the ruling class.

    • SFdoggy says:

      Thanks for the insight into just how close-minded you are. I understand that you enjoy feeling morally superior, and it has obviously spared you the burden of actually thinking. People like you who rely on rude, inarticulate demonizing of opponents are part of the problem. Considering growing up and actually trying to understand that people can have different opinions than you and not be evil.

      You and Fayes apparently think that insults are both an effective and appropriate means of political discourse. You are wrong on both counts. And if you lived outside of the SF bubble, you might understand that.

      • Drake says:

        First, the sign is harmless. Democrats won an impressive victory this election and while a little gloating would be unseemly from a national figure I think we, the rank and file, can be forgiven for enjoying the moment in a less than conciliatory way.

        Not every disagreement is a difference of opinions, and right now we live in a country where the former conservative party is promoting a willful ignorance of fact, a total destruction of secularism and a rabid xenophobic longing for an America that never existed.

        I for one am very glad that we did not go down the dark road of a Romney presidency – and I feel sorry not at all if a few tea partiers have their noses rubbed in it a bit – they should be embarrassed.

  6. yeah says:

    This is childish and immature but since it represents my view….it rules!

  7. VyceSkwad says:

    So progressive, we revert right back to childish games. Just because the democratic voice may be a minority in certain states, it doesn’t mean that should be glossed over.

    When placed on a more macro scale, it’s this type of synecdochic thinking that leads people astray from reason. “Afghanistan, YOU LOSE!”