Debaser’s 5th anniversary party tonight celebrates the music of the year 2000

This morning I awoke to the sound of about 50 Facebook notification dings in a row. Quite a symphony. I thought the USA was under attack or Matt Damon died or something, but, no, it was just *everyone I know* going nuts about tonight’s special anniversary edition of Debaser.

Here’s what’s cool: Debaser is the ’90s party, right? Right. But tonight, they’re breaking the rules and getting down with the year 2000. DJ Jamie Jams tells us what to expect:

we’re going to try and mega-mix through all of the various versions of late 90′s-early 00′s fear of the future.

from post-hardcore, pre-emo garage type stuff like the white stripes / hives / refused, to late period indie stuff like belle and sebastian / moldy peaches / magnetic fields, to french robot house stuff like daft punk / cassius / les rhythmes digitales, to early electro-clash stuff like miss kittin / peaches / fischerspooner and a sizeable dollup of futuristic halftimed hip hop ala timbaland / neptunes.

we’ll probably throw a couple of other uber-specifically dated signposts in there like an early mash-up or two. probably a good deal of ghetto-tech. oh yeah, and the obvious big time mainstream type stuff… radiohead, bjork, beck, jay z, missy, outkast, dre, eminem, snoop. maybe even a little jt and britney.

Holy mackerel. RSVP and invite your friends!

Also, Jamie recommends we enjoy some classic Conan:

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