Vogue’s hipster guide to San Francisco

It’s hard to tell whether or not the author is just trolling all of us:

Morning yoga in the Mission district followed by frangipane croissant and a cappuccino at Tartine Bakery, watching the hipsters heading to Dolores Park for a day of sunshine snoozing — and another perfect San Francisco weekend has begun.

I don’t even know anymore, so you might as well just go read it yourself.

[Photo via Vogue, also on SFist]

32 Responses to “Vogue’s hipster guide to San Francisco”

  1. Hazbeen says:

    If the shoe fits…

  2. jerquee says:

    It’s Vogue India so probably sincere. But to put in vintage SoCal parlance, “Gag me with a spoon.”

  3. bellpeppernostrils says:

    “The Hipster. Early mornings at the Sprit Rock Meditation Center followed by some flea market scouring in Alameda and garden shopping at Flora Grubb Gardens in Bayview. Hanging with friends at Mission Bowl, and then dancing to live African music at Little Baobob is all part of a perfect weekend for her.”

    …nigga, who the fuck is going to mission bowl? every single mission resident i know screams BULLSHIT at the very concept of that place.

  4. Dude! says:

    Could we send a reporter from Mission Mission to do a piece on a Chai Wallah in Mumbai?

  5. commentariatsays says:


  6. LenaDumbass says:

    We laugh because it’s funny, you cry because it’s true.

  7. Ummm says:

    ” San Francisco is a liberal haven where your body is your temple and there are no limits to where your mind can take you”

    Which Hipsters consider their bodies a haven?

  8. prunella says:

    Man, I wish that article allowed comments. I wanted to ask how their hipsters felt about the human feces encrusted Mid-Market/SoMa area. And in addition, oh gawd.

  9. Miguel says:

    “…and Sunday mornings at the waterside farmer’s market at the Ferry Building.”

    Oops, the farmer’s market is on Saturdays.

  10. Moop says:

    You all remember the Jezebel article “Of Course the Most Annoying Craigslist Ad Ever is in San Franciscp.” What was supposedly an”ironic” but more like embarrassed? Yeah. Something like that. Roommate posting gone wrong: http://jezebel.com/5982574/of-course-the-most-annoying-craigslist-ad-ever-is-from-san-francisco

  11. scum says:

    Hipster, techie, fixie, PBR, DP, YOLO, gentrification, small plate, artisan, Gbus, $15 burger, mini golf. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  12. Salsa Shark says:

    They’re definitely trolling, and you’re definitely still falling for this and re-trolling your readers whenever you post on these pieces by un-locals.



      • Salsa Shark says:

        Doesn’t have anything to do with the point I was making about trolling, but yes this article does support your theory.

  13. mike says:

    true to all those who say this is a non-native point of view of SF. if readers hadnt pointed out that this was vogue india, i would have guessed a new yorker wrote it. i love SF because someone’s always writing a review about it, and then the real locals come to rip it apart. but its all out of love since the biggest fans of SF are also the most critical. tangent note: my favorite part about this blog is the comments :)

  14. roller23rd says:

    If the author is reading these posts, please make a correction; the restaurant pictured as being in SOMA is actually Destino, upper Market.

  15. ann says:

    The author lives in SF and works at Google. I don’t know if that makes this better or worse

  16. Sam Foster says:

    I don’t know, articles like this are fantastic maps to where to place the humane traps to capture the majestic Douchetard when it ventures from its home range.

    We can release them at the LA border ;)

  17. damian says:

    an me an my homeboy thought it was smoking a fat joint and goin to fidas for another 40 ozer.guess we dont live in the “real mission”?????

  18. Guest says:

    Ugh…liberals. Liberals are hateful people.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      If by “hateful” you mean “sensible”, then yes.