Even our sex clubs are being evicted due to rising rent

Is nothing sacred?

Confession:  I had no idea this place even existed the whole time I’ve lived here, but apparently Mission Control, “the 13-year-old sex-positive, community and member play space, has lost its lease at 21st and Mission, and will be forced to move at the end of November.”

They’re not giving up completely, however, and are actively searching for another location (which I hope will still be in the Mission, because honestly that’s the raddest name for a sex club ever).  Learn more about how you can help out here.

16 Responses to “Even our sex clubs are being evicted due to rising rent”

  1. mk says:

    Can’t have a sex club too close the new luxury condo development.

  2. Yeah, this is kind of sad. I’ve done yo-yo and music sets at this place for several of their New Year’s Parties. It was a great little spot, and hella San Francisco. Weird stuff in the front, make out rooms in the side, and fucking in the back. Not many people knew about it, but I still think of it as one of the things that makes this neighborhood special.

  3. scum says:

    Because only fucking on Capp St. is cool.

  4. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    They seem pretty upbeat and optimistic about their future, even after losing their lease at their current location. Refreshing.

  5. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  6. pcdc says:

    goodbye culture! goodbye edgy, marginal creativity!

    helloooo boring ugly shit humans.

  7. The commenter fomerly known as says:

    Yeah, sure… but would you GO if it stayed in The Mission, Andrew?

  8. Ross says: