Hausu V. House

Alex dropped us a line about his free cult movie night at The Knockout, Mutant Matinee. I haven’t seen House, but Hausu is a weirdo scary classic.

This weekend we’re doing a double feature of haunted house movies! Both called House! It’s free admission, free popcorn, some trivia, some tasty halloween candy and prizes, drink specials, and food available from my pal Kitchen Eclectic, who will be serving up vegetarian pumpkin chili with toppings and homemade blue corn chips.  The movies are both great – House (aka Hausu, Japan 1977) is a masterpiece of mind-warping psychedelic insanity, and House (USA 1986) is a weird mishmash of horror, slapstick humor, and really great 80′s special fx. and both movies will be shown on the big screen! This will be this Sunday evening from 5-9 PM, before Sweater Funk lights up the dance floor.



Facebook event page here.

2 Responses to “Hausu V. House”

  1. m says:

    Bummed I didn’t see this post until now. Hausu is incredible and House is, well, incredible in a completely different way. Hope the turnout was decent – would love to see more obscure films screened at places other than the Vortex Room.

  2. Alan Herceg says:

    Thanks for sharing this! We will be adding this to our blog as well.