Lobby assault last week

A friend of Mission Mission writes in to tell us that her partner was assaulted last week, allegedly by the man in this still from their lobby’s security camera.

They explain:

“WANTED FOR ASSAULT: WED. 10/30 9:16PM This man stalked me home into my apartment lobby and punched me in the head and jaw several times after I brushed by him at 18th and Valencia as he was standing in the crowded street looking at his phone. The last thing he said was “I know where you live!” Caucasian, 5′ 10″, 30-35, 170-180 lbs, short dark hair. He was wearing a tan or gray sweater and blue jeans. If anyone has any information on this attack please call the SFPD: (415) 558-5400, case #130922883. Flyers will be going up all over town….”

52 Responses to “Lobby assault last week”

  1. Jammy says:

    did you say apologize for bumping into him or just ignored him and kept walking home?

    • Greg says:

      It’s a big city with a lot of people, this d-bag is going to follow the wrong person home one of these days.

    • Say Jay says:


      He brushed past him, which happens in cities. I’ve been almost knocked over without an apology and I’ve never followed anyone to their home, beat them up, and threatened them with a “I know where you live.” I happen to know the guy who got followed and he can tell you he’s NOT a dick.

    • Leary says:

      Who cares if she apologized or not? She didn’t owe him shit.

    • troll says:

      i’d like to preemptively “say apologize” for bumping you into the direction of a Google bus

    • Junior says:

      Jammy, what difference does that make? Does it justify being sucker punched in the head inside your own home?

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    WTF. That’s fucking crazy. Glad there is a decent picture of him, and I hope the police take it seriously.

  3. scum says:

    Any way to get a larger picture?

  4. m says:

    Some bro staring at his phone in the middle of the sidewalk on Valencia…unheard of!

    But, seriously, I hope this dude gets what’s coming to him.

  5. RS says:

    Welcome to the new SF.

  6. fancy says:

    I “brushed” by someone walking in the Mission once, said sorry and was still assaulted – while people watched and did nothing. My assailant was also about 6’2, transgendered and scantily clad. It’s one of my “San Francisco stories” and makes ppl laugh, but it was terrifying.

  7. Ok, but says:

    I wonder what that bro’s side of the story is?

    • Snake Plissken says:

      Is there a side that justifies following someone to their domicile and assaulting them? If he has a side, said side should have included calling the cops instead of getting all fistee.

      • Ok, but says:

        yeah, maybe, but can you honestly say that you have never wanted to throttle people when walking down Valencia?

  8. troostory says:

    for the guy that got punched: i’ve been told by police that they don’t make arrests in cases of assault, nor is it going to be criminally prosecuted , unless a cop is there to see it as it happens. maybe if you can get the video of him punching you that changes things some…but don’t get your heart set on the criminal justice system having an impact on this dickhead or sad situation.

    • Junior says:

      There are civil remedies beyond what’s available through criminal prosecution. I hope that d-bag gets what’s coming to him.

    • heyballsack says:

      This is demonstrably false. SF DA’s office charges people with assault/battery that police don’t witness all of the time.

      • troostory says:

        good on him if he can get actual consequences, but i think you’ve gotta be seriously injured for anything to happen criminally thru the police/DA. or the assailant has to stay exactly where he is while the police come; got punched unprovoked in the head by a crazy/high guy just outside his apartment, but police said they wouldn’t make an arrest and they couldn’t go into the building to get him. am not sure how prosecutions happen for minor assaults if police aren’t standing there…

  9. umm says:

    How did this dude get into the lobby? I’m sure there was more of an exchange/altercation than is listed here.

    • pamasutra says:

      I’ve seen the videotape. This photo is a still from the tape. As the victim unlocked the front door, the assailant forced his way in behind him. He starts hitting the victim immediately and looks like he is yelling at him. The victim only raises his hands in front of his face to ward off the blows. Fucked up.

  10. thee says:

    so lame.

  11. tim k says:

    you’re going to put up flyers? get over it. watch where you’re walking. It seems to me that you were annoying this person was standing in the middle of the busy mission, and you knocked into him out of anger.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Way to blame the victim, dickhead.

    • Valenchia says:

      @tim k: it seems to me that you are a moron who is wildly speculating without any basis and looking really stupid doing so.

      • tim k says:

        seems to me that this guy is a crybaby. good luck on the man-hunt. my advice? get over it.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          You’re a dickhead.

          • Gordy Knotts says:

            If you keep on overfeeding the troll he’s gonna get fat and have a heart attack.

          • tim k says:

            There are a ton of assaults in SF everyday. Why is this one special? is it because someone got his ass beat for not paying attention and bumping into the wrong guy? i’m not sure about you, but i walk around people, and pay attention.. especially in the mission.
            How about you focus your attention on a real crime like the sexual assault committed int he Richmond on july 30th? print out some flyers of the sketch that police just released and post those up.

          • Ariel Dovas says:

            He’s printing flyers of his attack. I think it could be helpful for you to take your own advice, though. Definitely would do more than sitting around insulting a person who got attacked.

          • tim k says:

            Ariel, you make no sense. thanks for coming out.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            You’re still a dickhead, tim.

          • tim k says:

            Maybe we should all focus this energy on Alan Forbes. ..? nah, this story about the random mission resident who got punched a couple times is a much bigger deal.

          • Ariel Dovas says:

            You’re as nonsensical as you are pointlessly mean. How much energy are we focusing exactly? Are you saying the Alan Forbes story is more important because he isn’t “random” somehow? Let’s assume you weren’t thinking and actually mean because he was badly injured. SFist, which has much higher traffic than us, and probably all of our readers, already covered it. Also, we’re under no direct imperative to cover anything in particular. A friend asked for help after her friend was attacked. Not sure what you’re so bothered by. But I hope we can all agree that your energy is better spent doing something else.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            You’re arguing a false dichotomy. It is ok, and indeed appropriate, to be dissatisfied with more than one thing at once. Being unhappy about the Rwandan Genocide doesn’t make one any less able to be unhappy about the killing fields of Cambodia.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            …And, in summation: You’re a dickhead.

          • tim k says:

            calling all cars. some guy got hit a couple times and is butt-hurt. put out an APB!
            the guy will never get caught.
            walk it off, bro.

  12. Mark says:

    Is there an update on this story? Was the perpetrator identified? Any other information?

  13. 94994949 says:

    update: SFPD has security camera footage of the attack, which is both breaking and entering and battery with premeditated intent after following the victim 3 blocks from a crowded area to a dark street. The DA’s office is waiting on witness or leads to move forward with these charges. Otherwise the suspect is still out there. Tim K your defensive and ugly comments stand out from everyone else commenting on this. Why is that?

  14. Babar says:

    Tim k just may possibly be the dickwad with taupe sweater. Why so defensive taupe boy?