Anti-Gentrification Arts Market

This afternoon/evening from 4-7pm Prensa POBRE/POOR Magazine is hosting an event at 2940 16th Street to support locals who have been evicted, displaced or otherwise affected by the ongoing overvaluation of San Francisco property. The event will feature performances by a puppet theater, engaging activist Fly Benzo (a local rapper from Hunters Point, whom I have worked with before) and a reading from Born N’ Raised in Frisco, a book compiled and workshopped in part by Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia and Tony Robles. Art will be available to purchase, and there will be food offered at a sliding scale.

Check it out. Discuss, debate, plan and proceed.

[via The Bay Guardian]

9 Responses to “Anti-Gentrification Arts Market”

  1. gray says:


  2. Grandmother Winsome says:

    Thank you for the heads-up, Sweetie. I stayed away from that area during that time.

  3. Bob Dole says:

    Are techies welcome?

  4. BaaB says:

    Losers relying on rent control keep complaining.

  5. Orange_Peel says:

    Evicted liberal arts students vs the their new engineering neighbors!!! Har har …

  6. heyballsack says:

    The tech buses should be racking up millions of dollars worth of fines for using MUNI stops.