Beware the Cupcake Fairy!

How would you feel if someone wanted to give you a cupcake?  Like, REALLY wanted to give you a cupcake, as our pal Jimmie relates:

This morning on Feb 1 around 9:45am a man tried to force his way into our house.  I was in the shower and my wife heard our doorbell ring.  Assuming it was the mailman, she opened the door, but found a shirtless white male, about 5’8″ tall with short brown hair and stubble.  He said “Oh hey!” and immediately tried to enter our home.  She pushed him out by forcing the door closed.  Soon after he rang the door bell again and said “I have a cupcake for you!”  By that time we had called 911 and the police showed up soon after.  The man had indeed left a cupcake on our doorstep but was nowhere to be found.  Other neighbors reported a stranger ringing their doorbells or knocking on their doors immediately prior to this event.

Watch your backs, people!

[Cupcake image]

8 Responses to “Beware the Cupcake Fairy!”

  1. whiff says:


  2. En-Chu Lao says:

    Nice! First they came for the nekkid people, then they came after the cupcakes fairies. This city is finished.

  3. biglippedkneegrow says:

    Dumb ass bitch! who the fuck opens the door without asking or seeing who it is first. should have been raped, both of you. lol

  4. jrartes says:

    Precisamos tomar cuidado e não abrir a porta para estranhos, o mundo esta mudado, não podemos confiar em ninguém.

  5. tia farga says:

    Nem as fadas? É um mundo bem terrível quando não podemos confiar em fadas!

  6. b16 d1ck says:

    Jaysus, what are you all doing — staying a week with your fucking parents, with no internet connection?!

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