So close and yet so far

A quote from the owner of the restaurant Loló, which just moved from 22nd and Bartlett to 21st and Valencia:

I can see the change in the people that come in. The street we were on before made some people uncomfortable, especially older people and families.

Sales are up 40%.

[via Eater SF]

19 Responses to “So close and yet so far”

  1. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    I believe it. But I still prefer 22nd. :)

  2. bobwhobuilds says:

    Riveting! So glad I check this blog bi-weekly…

  3. Joe Shlabotnik says:

    Now what entity would make people feel uncomfortable on 22nd and Bartlett?

  4. Chelsea says:

    Now I can’t get a table :( Good they’re doing well, though.

  5. I’d be uncomfortable too if I had to stare at all those babes across the street at the Make Out Room.

  6. Thomas says:

    That area around 22nd will improve when the new condos are completed.

    Also, how much time is left on Revolution Cafe’s lease?

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    K-lame. 22nd St. is so much nicer than 21st + Valencia.

  8. scum says:

    I bet “older people and families” don’t go there anymore.

  9. Grizzled Mission says:

    I’ve still never figured out the demographic at that Revolution Cafe.

    • Valenchia says:

      Well it is mainly drinkers. A couple of times I thought it would be nice to order the food there but after 30 minute waits for lousy sandwiches, I realized that they don’t really care about their food. Which is too bad, it would be a nice place for lunch on a sunny day.

  10. Sam says:

    Even in my 20′s I would not have liked the type who hang out at that cafe.

  11. wurple says:

    I don’t go to Revolution much but I kinda appreciate it. It’s “different” for the Mission and has a kinda European vibe to it.

  12. Glasshole says:

    Ewwww sometimes you see filthy immigrants.

  13. Badger says:

    Hello ‘Bot.