Wes Anderson retrospective at the Roxie culminates with a sneak preview of ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’!

The Roxie rules, am I right? Here’s the deal:

On the eve of the release of his eighth picture, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, the Roxie is proud to present a mostly complete retrospective of Wes Anderson.  Melding influences like Charles Schutlz, Francois Truffaut, and the Kinks (to name but a few), Anderson’s meticulous, gorgeous and often melancholy menageries of sight and sound have deeply influenced a generation of moviegoers.

As an added bonus, Zissou Society Members (membership free with tickets to any of the other shows) get to see a special sneak preview of a very exciting new movie on Thursday, March 13…

Boom. Get tickets here.

9 Responses to “Wes Anderson retrospective at the Roxie culminates with a sneak preview of ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’!”

  1. David H says:

    Anyone know how this deal works? You just watch one of the other films for regular price and get a free ticket to see a sneak preview of the entire new Grand Budapest?

    Sounds amazing. After Spoke Arts Wes Anderson love, and the Castro’s as well, this should be sweet.

  2. Hey David – Yup, that’s exactly how it works. Attendees for the series get a ticket to see THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL on Thursday night, while seating lasts. The non-Wes movie we’re showing on Saturday with MOONRISE KINGDOM, RICH KIDS, is totally amazing and not available anywhere and the sort of secret-roots-of-Wes-Anderson (and Noah Baumbach, too). This is gonna be FUN! – Mike

  3. Snake Plissken says:

    No Rushmore? Damn, the one i haven’t seen in a theater.

    • anadromy says:

      Same (incredulous) reaction I had. No Bottlerocket either. Not much “retro” in a retrospective that doesn’t include a person’s early work.

      (Saw the Roxie’s explanation for the absence of Rushmore below before hitting “submit”. Sounds like they tried and couldn’t get a print. Another example of the film industry and its circular firing squad. Too bad.

  4. Moses Vaughan says:

    How do I get a pair of tickets for tonight’s showing of GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL?
    Do I need to buy the WA series to qualify? And how do I do that? Can I do it online or over the phone?

  5. Moses Vaughan says:

    My mistake; reading that the Grand Budapest Hotel was “opening March 7″ I made the fooling assumption it would open in San Francisco March 7…and therefore a sneak preview would be tonight.
    But I guess SF waits an extra week for “opening night”?
    Or maybe the opening is delayed everywhere?

  6. The lack of RUSHMORE is heartbreaking and inside baseball-y, but I’m sure if you come to the screenings I won’t be able to help myself talk about it in the introductions. – Mike

    • Snake Plissken says:

      I’ll drop in for Moonrise Kingdom. I hope you get a great response. Thanks for doing this.

  7. waitwut says:

    ZOMG that’s awesome. thanks for clarifying the details Mike. :P