The ‘best burrito in the city’ is facing eviction

Three years ago, Mission Mission’s Andrew Sarkarati proclaimed the plantain burrito at Cuco’s the best burrito in SF. (It was controversial both because any blog post involving burritos is controversial and because Cuco’s is located not in the Mission but in the Lower Haight.) It’s a really excellent burrito.

Cuco’s has been threatened with eviction before, but this time it looks like the landlord really means business. Hoodline reports:

Two months ago, we reported that tenants of a building at Haight and Fillmore had received a letter from their landlord outlining strict criteria for living at the address, including a minimum annual salary of $100,000 and credit score of at least 725. That story ignited a firestorm of attention, and the landlord, who was soon identified by various media outlets as Robert Shelton, quickly retracted his letter.

Now it seems he’s turning his attention to the ground floor tenants at Cuco’s.

In a letter postmarked June 24th, an attorney for Shelton informed Cuco’s owners Domingo and Carmen Campos that the restaurant had to shut down within thirty days.

Read on for more info and photos of the letters from the landlord.

11 Responses to “The ‘best burrito in the city’ is facing eviction”

  1. Haighter Face says:

    Fuck Robert Shelton. What a scumbag.

  2. Ginger Coyote says:

    Landlords are banal.

  3. kov says:

    I have actually had that burrito. it is FUCKING DISGUSTING. good riddance if you ask me. Papalote4Life.

  4. kov says:

    ya – Cuco’s is gross

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Cuco’s isn’t bad, but I don’t know if it would even make the top 5 burritos in the city.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      That being established, it still fucking sucks that they’re being forced out. Speculator landlords are scumbags.

  6. Marco says:

    I believe, in order to really appreciate this burrito, you must already have immense affection for the ‘platano’ or what you americans call “plantain”. I heard one middle eastern/australian lawyer call it a ‘banana’ … tisk tisk. Once you establish that platanos are ridiculously delicious (just like the avocado) … it only takes the creative genius of such people as Domingo and Carmen Campos to put in a burrito.

  7. kov says:

    who gives a fuck. it’s called gentrification idiots.

  8. kov says:

    free market! get used to it… or move to russia you bleeding heart liberal dickheads

  9. Telecinex says:

    Minimum FICO scores are the new way to discriminate in leases and hiring. I applied to a well known and popular startup based in the city and buried in the intrusive TOS (that’s what it is) application literature is a credit check/ minimum score requirement.
    Welcome to America 2014, no poors allowed.