Help Primo find a new wall for his cats!

To replace this fallen masterpiece that was on the side of Esta Noche.  Says Primo:

I’d actually really like to do another one and I’m wondering if anyone in my network knows of equally large sized walls they’d be interested in having something like this painted on. This mural was in Rondel alley but unfortunately was not part of the wall we had permission to paint so it’s gone now, but it was a great experience for me and I want to do it again, maybe several times, so if you know a place, let me know !!!  . Thanks @wallspace for the original hookup btw

Who’s got some walls???

4 Responses to “Help Primo find a new wall for his cats!”

  1. Noruko says:

    Better to ask for forgiveness…then permission!

    I suggest that ugly brown wall that runs the length of VARA apartments on 15th.

    Who knows the techies/Mission tourists who live there might find it…”neat”.

  2. Tricia says:

    you should propose one for the SPCA, they need a cat mural, maybe
    even one indoors in the cat area.
    Also theres that place called the Cat Club, actually I don’t even know if its open anymore, probably gone.

  3. Mel M says:

    i’m interested. i have a space on 9th between mission and howard.

  4. Joel says:

    My employer, Pedal Revolution (3085 21st street), is interested in having our mural/sign between south van ness and shotwell redone/reimagined.