Calling our corner stores by name instead of calling them ‘the corner store’

I got tired of using intersections to specify what corner store you’re talking about: “The 20th and Bryant one is out of Watermelon Wheat, can you check the 23rd and Alabama one?” Etc., etc. So me and some friends started trying to call the ones we frequent by name, and we found that it’s both less time-consuming *and* more fun!

Here are all the ones I now know by name now:

  • Norm’s (20th and Bryant)
  • Mission Groceteria (23rd and Alabama)
  • Serv-U Market (21st and Bryant)
  • New Hampshire Market (20th and Hampshire)
  • King’s (22nd and Bryant)
  • Tony’s (24th and Hampshire)
  • Samy’s (24th and Bryant)
  • Isaac’s (22nd and Folsom)
  • R Image (25th and Folsom)
  • Rhea’s (19th and Valencia)

And then of course, there are these two:

What’d I miss?

[Photo by Google Maps]

48 Responses to “Calling our corner stores by name instead of calling them ‘the corner store’”

  1. Todd X says:

    Norm’s is at 20th and Bryant.

  2. Deez says:

    Freds @ Duboce and Valencia. It burned down but now it’s back and better than ever!

  3. Not George says:

    My Go-Tos:

    George’s Market @ 24th and Shotwell

    Latino’s Liquors @ 24th and Capp

  4. Vic Wong says:

    We always call ours by name because it has a fun apostrophe: “Bernal Height’s Market”. 30th and Mission

  5. Zaza says:

    Issac’s (pictured) is a great place.

  6. Dave says:

    Pay n’ Save at 18th and Guerrero

  7. CATMOM says:

    Rubin Market at 26th and Folsom St (not my fav)

  8. FUCKYOU says:

    you losers… wow, you are so fucking cute. can i curb stomp you shits out in front of the New Hampshire Market?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Uh-huh, whatever you say there, Mr. Internet Tough Guy.

  9. Jen says:

    Mine actually is called 26th & Guerrero market. Used to love F&G grocery at 20th and Guerrero.

  10. Roller23rd says:

    23rd & Valencia. Thanasi’s (But I like Calling It The Nazis). (Not because they kill Jews or try to take over the world. “The Nazis” just sounds more amusing).

    • snola says:

      Once upon a time, Thanasis was THE BEST. They always had at least one killer 12-pack deal for $9.99, something pretty good. It’s gone downhill big time in the last 5 or so years. The guy who used to own/run it I think now owns/runs the gas station at 24th and Valencia (which has a mini head-shop inside!).

    • Some Jerk says:

      I went to college with a guy named Thanasi, and guess what we called him?

  11. OldMan_6Pack says:

    Save-Way Grocery at 26th & Capp Street.

    Walked in there just a couple of weeks ago to find the cops going through the surveillance video trying to see if they could identify the getaway car of some chumps who shot up the 24th Street BART area.

    Nice dude, OK selection, cold beer.

  12. lisa says:

    Pay n’ Save is the best corner store in San Francisco. Period.

  13. Drew says:

    The ones I frequented the most when I lived in the Mission between 2006 & 2011:

    Mike’s Groceries Liquors – 21st/Mission. Nice owners, and the guy who works there the rest of the time is cool too.

    Muzio’s Wines Liquor – 21st/S. Van Ness. nice selection of Mexican groceries for a liquor store.

    That’s It (The Center of the Mile) – 23rd/Mission. Includes a small Middle Eastern lunch counter.

    Mission Grocery Beer Wine – Mission St. a few doors north of Sycamore. Nothing special.

  14. rizzy says:

    I love Isaac’s. Three generations of ownership. The younger dude that’s bald is the nicest guy ever. I feel like he’d have my back in a neighborhood brawl.

    • BanOnStuff says:

      Younger bald dude is Issac, by the way. And he’s the best!

    • Skyscraper says:

      Maybe I ought to give then another chance. I just had a bunch of shitty experiences when I first moved to that block. Also my housemates and coworkers that live in that hood said to stay away so perhaps a little unfounded prejudice there. I work at bars so I get my booze from there mostly so if I need a corner store for beer its 24th or 22nd.

  15. Grizzled Mission says:

    Duc Loi. It’s on a corner.

  16. Stitch says:

    Union Street Produce at Union and Mason…

  17. Stuart Tett says:

    R Image should be referred to as “Rimage Market” or “Rimage”. at least that’s what me and my girlfriend like to call it. It’s super fun to say.

  18. kov says:


  19. ckchew says:

    Golden Eagle on 20th and Valencia! Owned by the sweetest little ?? couple. I want to say something middle eastern but maybe greek or are they not mutually exclusive I don’t know I haven’t even finished my whiskey

    • José says:

      Sam & Suzann. They are both from Jordan but have been in the country since their teenage years. They are truly great people and know more about the neighborhood than anybody else who pretends to.

  20. Some Jerk says:

    My back-of-the-napkin estimate is that the author lives somewhere around 22nd and Folsom.

  21. Mike C says:

    You live in a shitty neighborhood. Everyone in my neighborhood knows & loves Alpha Market & Real Food Market.

  22. Katie Waddle says:

    Tony’s! The guys there are SO friendly, and I really want them to make it without the extra foot traffic they got from Pal’s.