This Just In: Composition Notebook Hats are BACK!

Spotted this dude’s composition hat in the market between 17th and 18th on Mission (next to Cafe Prague) a few nights ago and couldn’t resist getting a snap.  I’m no fashion blogger, but I was into it.

Speaking of that there market, Ariel tells us it’s his all-time favorite, top secret awesomest market, often referred to as “Combover” or “Crackistan.”

Judging by the 28 people standing in line to buy booze that night, I’d say secret’s out, dumb-dumb.

8 Responses to “This Just In: Composition Notebook Hats are BACK!”

  1. Tad Benton says:

    That place has my favorite pay-to-weigh yourself scale. It takes you on a virtual journey from Earth to the Moon to Mars. It is wonderful, it says things like “STAND BY FOR EARTH CHECK-IN,” it is incredibly loud, and the noises it makes while “calculating” are incredible. The crackheads get a little annoyed by it all, but hey, it’s a public scale.

  2. Andy Breckman says:

    Shhh… don’t tell. I buy most of my liquor there!

  3. Andy Breckman says:

    PS: That second picture is SO 2009! First the psychic next door had her hand-painted sign tagged so bad by cool kids, she had to take it down, then she got cited for not paying for garbage pick-up, then she got evicted. So sad… wonder why she didn’t see THAT coming!

  4. bhdstech says:

    Wait, how can you like that place? Combover just gives me one look and charges me wwaaaaayyyyyy toooooo much for a six pack or any other alcohol. It’s like some kind of f’ed up whitey tax.

  5. 24steel says:

    that place is the jam

  6. Blanche Du Blah says:

    That likka sto scary. There used to be a huge smelly obese guy that would hang out near the entrance. I guess he added the sorely need ambiance. But it ‘s the nearest place to but the booze.

  7. ELMER says:

    Who writes “Dumb-dumb”?