Closed Contact

Looks like Clothes Contact is gonna peace out within 60 days:

$14000 / 2000ft² – Great Ground Floor on Valencia (mission district)

Great Frontage on Valencia and 16th. Nice three story building with great potential. Space will vacate approx 60 days… Possible to double space with full basement. Shown by appointment only.

Guess you gotta sell thrift by the ounce, not the pound, in this economy.

[via Craigslist]

Update: The gone-in-60-days figure may be inaccurate, according to current employee Travis:

Alright, I work there right now, and the truth is, it’s gonna be around at the very least until the end of the year. After that, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. But it’s sure as hell not closing in 60 days. Come in, you’ll see.

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  1. the guy says:


  2. Blexxxxch says:


  3. m says:

    Coming soon: Another brunch spot with sidewalk seating and artisan scrambled eggs.

    • Ashley says:

      Basically. I’m so sick of everything that made me fall in love with the Mission and I’ve known for a decade dissapear and get turned into some sort of yupster Disneyland :(

      • MrEricSir says:

        1. Go to YouTube
        2. Search for “mr show new san francisco”
        3. See how Mr. Show warned us about the themeparkification of SF way back in 1996

      • Grizzled Mission says:

        I wish New Dawn were still here, but I had some good times at Tokyo Go Go, and had an OK drink at ABV the other day. Two doors down, I had my first chile relleno burrito at Maya long ago, went there all the time. Its replacement, Andalu, didn’t excite me, but maybe Chino will? I prefer Dosa to Three Ring and Val21. I’m glad Rosamunde took over the old Jack in the Box.

        We can all go on and on like this. There’s always turnover, and the new will become the familiar, then we’ll miss that when it goes. Find the good new stuff; it’s more fun than mourning!

        • 1992denizen says:

          The problem comes when you don’t like the new stuff,and not because you are a curmudgeon, but because it doesn’t cater to your own desires, as businesses that we like always do.

        • Kegger says:

          and let’s not forget Epicenter above Cloths contact closed many many years ago. I still miss that place as well as New Dawn, Maya,Val21, radio Valencia, Cafe Istanbul and that 24 hour donut joint where you could buy stolen goods that was at 20th n Mission.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


            The funniest thing about that place is if you ever went in and tried to order a burger, they would get really angry at you. IT’S IN YOUR FUCKING NAME.

            Maybe I should have tried ordering a “burgr” instead.

          • Brandon Cruz says:

            Hunt’s was open 25 hours though.

            Who remembers Mainline Ice Cream on 16th?

    • Matt says:

      Yay! Not enough good brunch spots with outside dining in our area. Bring it on! Nom Nom Nom.

  4. Jeff says:

    $14,000 a month is a lot of artisan scrambled eggs.

  5. Grizzled Mission says:

    That’s almost $500 a day, just to make rent, putting aside cost of goods, labor, every other cost. And there have to be plenty of Tuesdays when not a soul will walk in. Hard to see how anything *but* a chain could make a go of it.

  6. scum says:

    I heard the Tacolicious/Chino folks are going to open an “Authentic Shwarama” place there and the basic shwarama will start at $12.

  7. Nickel says:

    Well fuck. That’s just really unfortunate.

  8. WhoWillYellAtMeFirst says:

    It’s human nature to resist change, but it’s the way of reality. That’s why we have to make the best of the things we love while they’re here and not take them for granted. And maybe in a few months, you’ll actually find yourself sitting at a table on the sidewalk a new cafe in the Mission, one you were railing against a couple months ago, drinking a mimosa with friends and realize it ain’t quite so bad. Or, just move somewhere that offers more of what you’re looking for.

  9. Christina says:

    This is inaccurate. Clothes Contact will be open longer than 60 days. If this is a place you enjoyed frequenting, you should continue to do so!

  10. kiya says:

    $14k a month can only mean one thing.. a very big restaurant group.

  11. Melody Taug says:

    My sister worked at the record shop upstairs from it, Epicenter. Many Punk bands used to practice and play including Green Day.

  12. Travis says:

    Alright, I work there right now, and the truth is, it’s gonna be around at the very least until the end of the year. After that, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. But it’s sure as hell not closing in 60 days. Come in, you’ll see.

  13. kov says:

    some one should really be asking the important question: who gives a shit about this store?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Seems like a lot of people do, judging by the number of comments here. But never let the facts dissuade you from being dumb and wrong, son.

  14. Who's Askin says:

    kov: Seems like the question you are asking is “how can I get some cheap attention from my lame comment?” Add to the conversation or leave it, your comment sucks.

  15. epicenter mook says:

    Any one remember Take Orders a military theme resturant where the pork store is or Moptops a Beatles themed suchi place where we b suchi is now?