Bernal Heights Hill, totally nude, 1953

More or less trippy than a double-decker freeway cutting through Hayes Valley in the early ’90s?

[via Telstar Logistics]

UPDATE: Oh yeah, Bernalwood did a then-and-now post with this pic a few years back.

11 Responses to “Bernal Heights Hill, totally nude, 1953”

  1. sfnola says:

    You should do then-and-now photos with these.

  2. Don’t the buildings look naked without tagging? :D

  3. Luke Spray says:

    I’ve always wondered why we don’t put a rad Beach/Park Chalet type restaurant on the top of Bernal Hill. It’s too great of a spot to be covered by an ugly fence + antenna

  4. ckchew says:

    Luke, I love you, but I don’t want that. I like some scenic spots in SF that are quiet and serene. It would bring too many people to the hill and change the whole experience.

    • KC says:

      I’m with you ckchew, less is more.

      In fact, there is no good reason to have the concrete bunker + fence that have appeared since this photo. Once upon a time the bunker was needed for the telco equipment + tower. Now, I’ll bet, there is no reason for anything beyond the tower and maybe a much, much smaller fence.

    • Luke Spray says:

      I could see that potentially being an issue too, but we have so many quiet and serene places (Mt. Davidson, Sutro Forest, and The Presidio to name some of my favorites) that I might be willing to risk changing (and hopefully improving) the one with the most kickass view.

      My real problem is the fact that one of the best views in SF is occupied by a ugly unnecessary bunker. Even if we don’t do a restaurant, can we at least replace that with a couple of redwoods and some benches or something?