Throwback Thursday: Back when Taqueria Cancun didn’t have carnitas

On yesterday’s episode of Burrito Justice Radio, we were talking about burritos and burrito history and blogging and stuff, and I brought up how one of my first blog posts ever (back in 2007) was about how Taqueria Cancun had just gotten carnitas — finally!

I mean, can you imagine a world in which carnitas was not a meat option at Taqueria Cancun??? IT HAPPENED.

Here’s the photo I posted:

And here’s the copy I wrote:

Note the sheet of hot-pink printer paper in the upper-left corner of Can-Cún’s menu. It announces excitedly that carnitas is now available. We can’t even begin to recall how many times we’ve heard some first timer bemoaning the lack of carnitas here: “They’re voted Best Burrito and they don’t even have carnitas?! Wha!?”

Apparently they were tired of hearing same, so they rectified the situation (at both Mission locations). What gives anyway? Why did Can-Cún eschew carnitas for long? And why did they finally give in?

I don’t know who I thought was going to answer my questions, seeing as how this blog had zero readers back then. Maybe now I can finally get some closure? Anyone?

One Response to “Throwback Thursday: Back when Taqueria Cancun didn’t have carnitas”

  1. Oyster boy says:

    The proprietors thought carnitas were evil, but after being in San Francisco for a requisite interval, they succumbed to the forces and fire roasted their children.