I never promised you a rose garden


But since no one in SF has a front yard anyway, here are some delightful tulips irises painted on the front of your house, courtesy of the Precita Mural Project!


Gardening, San Francisco-style!

11 Responses to “I never promised you a rose garden”

  1. flowerpower says:

    Those “tulips” look mighty Irisy

  2. DDD says:

    Those are iris not tulips.

  3. GG says:

    Glad I wasn’t the first one to come here to make a snarky comment about the “tulips”! :)

  4. timbo says:

    I beg your pardon…

  5. Oyster Boy says:

    Nice two lips.

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    That’s beautiful! What a great idea.

  7. Lori T. G. says:

    This mural was painted by the awesome Yukako Ezoe (www.yukakoezoe.com)!

  8. dr dummy says:

    Graffiti vandals should have their hands cut off.