Throwback Thursday: Hanging out at Pop’s 4 years ago

I saw at least one of those guys at Pop’s last night, and you can definitely still buy those Muni shirts by Sexpigeon (in a variety of color combinations) in the Sexpigeon shirt store, so, the more things change…

(Except: photos don’t look like those old Motorola RAZR photos anymore, too bad.)

7 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Hanging out at Pop’s 4 years ago”

  1. Camp says:


    • Pacific Standard Simon says:

      Sneaky bastards — wearing their gentrifier club neckties UNDER their shirts! And sunglasses OVER their Google Glass.

      • beyond sneaky says:

        and flaunting their privileged educations and tastes… and doing absolutely nothing to conceal the color of their skin, only drawing more of their kind.

  2. Macks says:

    Look at em gentrifying the shit outta that hood. Great job guys.

  3. seafoam says:

    I gotta get me one of those shirts

  4. seafoam says:

    I wish I was friends with those guys

  5. seafoam says: