Taking the fight inside City Hall

A mob of our neighbors is inside City Hall right now trying to convince Mayor Lee that evictions are wrong.

Kudos, neighbors! Follow along at #MissionTakesCityHall

[Photos by Plaza 16 Coalition and The COH]

7 Responses to “Taking the fight inside City Hall”

  1. Yo Mama says:

    They should evict all those slacker/whiner/trust fund junkies from the City of SF, if not the whole USA!

    Send ‘em all to Cuba or Venezuela!

    Take This City Back!

  2. Missionish says:


  3. Basic Econ says:

    Grant the imbeciles their moratorium. Prices will rise and evictions will accelerate. In 5 years the stupid fucks will be living in Stockton.

  4. Blexxxxch says:

    Good thing I majored in entitlement. It’s really paying off!