Is tech culture? Are condos community?

[via Emma]

15 Responses to “Is tech culture? Are condos community?”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Some really hot takes on an argument nobody is making!

  2. DomPara says:

    Biotech is all about culture.

  3. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    But clearly anti-tech IS culture, because it has photocopy machines and clings desperately to the graphic sensibility of late-70s punk.

  4. Dade says:

    *not this dude’s culture / not this dude’s community

  5. Macks says:

    Those highrises pictured are PRECISELY what this neighborhood/city/Bay Area needs!

  6. Yo Mama says:

    ‘Cuz crime, drug and alcohol abuse, welfare, food stamps, section 8 and SRO’s ARE culture.

  7. Blexxxxch says:

    Condos solve everything!!!! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!

  8. arse says:

    more like commodification of culture

    like how advertisement agencies think they create culture when really they just create consumerism

    oh wait, consumerism is culture now. congratulations.

  9. corner soul says:

    LOL, well freezing urban development in the Mission certainly isn’t going to bring rents down.

  10. Truth says: