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Make no mistake, the music scene is alive and well in San Francisco. Pops Bar is committed to shining a light on those local heroes working hard to keep it going strong. With that, we bring you Spin the Night this Wednesday. Enjoy a DJ set from local band Hot Flash Heat Wave. Hot Flash Heat Wave create melodically upbeat, hook-filled garage rock, referencing a range of influences from Girls and the Beach Boys, to Santo & Johnny and Weezer. Their style is partially a tongue and cheek nod to the dreamy, lo-fi vibes of the “chill-wave” movement, as contrasted by the more sunny, sweltering sound of their own jams (“heat-wave”). So join us for a boozy fun filled night with jams from musicians who inspire San Franciscans to PARTY ON!

Check out this week’s full music line up at Pop’s Bar:

6/13/16 MONDAY

Golden State Warriors

Watch the game at Pops Bar with music during the commercials!

NBA Finals against Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 5, 6:00 PM


6/14/16 TUESDAY

Trivia Tuesdays

Pops Quiz

$2 to play


Join us every Tuesday of the month and test your wits at Pops trivia night “POP’s Quiz” where your brain may get stump on categories such as Pop’s culture, Sports, Movies, Music and more, with little snippets of audio and visual effects too! So come on in for some good ole fashion competition and a night of drinking with the crew! It is a 2 dollar cover and winner gets the pot!! so tell friends and family because the more peeps the steeper the cash prize is!!


Electro-Cumbia Breaks, Hip Hop, Nu Latin Beats


No Cover

21 UP



Spin the Night


Spin the night is a fun boozy filled evening showcasing the local heroes working hard to keep the music scene alive and well in San Francisco. No particular genre, just music that inspires us to party on.


6/16/16 THURSDAY


Happy Hour 6-9pm

with DJ Sektor

BFF.FM Night


Rotating DJs from local BFF.fm radio!

This Week: No Way Out with DJ MellyG

Mixed bag of tricks, but w/ a heavy dose of:

Bad Boy

90s R&B —> like JADE and JANET

2000s —> like Cam’ron and Twista

oh, and dat new drake has a couple hitta’s


No Cover


Come support local community radio.


6/17/16 FRIDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9pm

Haight Street All Stars

If you are looking for a good time, Todd’s rock and roll band, “The Haight Street All-Stars” will exceed your highest expectations. Featured at the Haight Street Fair this year, the blues/rock sensation, “The Haight Street All-Stars” will keep you dancing throughout the night. Playing songs to the likes of James Brown, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Albert King and many more. “The Haight Street All-Stars” are fun from beginning to end. Come on out to enjoy some soul in San Francisco !

Roger Niner Karaoke


“Roger Niner is back in The Mission… at Pops! And he’s bringing his big ole’ book of rare and unheard karaoke tunes! Find and sing a new favorite or a long forgotten oddity! Karaoke like you never left the basement of your parents house! We go until they tell us to shut the hell up! Check out the songbook at book.rogerniner.com, and PREPARE!”

Web: www.rogerniner.com,

Facebook: Roger Niner Karaoke

Twitter: @rogerniner

Instagram: @rogerniner


6/18/16 SATURDAY

DJ Ant One


No Cover

21 UP


6/19/16 SUNDAY


Electro-Cumbia Breaks, Hip Hop, Nu Latin Beats


No Cover

21 UP



2800 24th Street @ York

San Francisco, CA 94110


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