A pool party! Right here in San Francisco!

And there’s pizza too! The fine folks at the World Dodgeball Society have organized quite an ambitious event, and it’s happening this coming Sunday at some place called Hamilton Pool:

$10 per person lets you sweat it out playing open gym dodgeball in the gymnasium from 2-3pm, then from 3-5pm it’s pool/pizza time. There are 2 water slides, rumors of a cannonball contest, and, if allowed, blow up raft dodgeball. Someone might even lead us in some synchronized swimming flashmob to Macklemore (you may want to brush up by watching the instructional video again).

RSVP and invite your friends!

Slackliners shut down by Dolores Park park rangers

[via Dolores Park Works]

Maria’s lit-matches-on-your-nipples trick [NSFW]

The matches-on-your-nipples trick, which we learned about three years back in an interview with Craig Stoll about Delfina and Locanda, has even more Mission roots than we realized. Blue Plate owner Jeff Trenam tells the story to Eater SF:

Among the photographs that have adorned the walls in Blue Plate’s bathroom over the last fourteen years is a black-and-white photo by Dave Schubert titled “Maria’s Trick.” It shows a young woman, “Maria,” standing on a toilet in the old Treat Street Bar with her shirt lifted and two lit matchsticks propped up on her nipples. This photograph has been stolen out of the bathroom nearly a dozen times (each time replaced by the photographer), with the thieves even dismantling frames locked to the wall to get at the racy snapshot. I swore it must have been on some kind of fraternity scavenger hunt. Recently, a nameless guest returned with the first print ever stolen.

Read on for the heartwarming conclusion.

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Giant Giants logo around your neck

Not ‘shopped!

[via The Tens]

Singin’ and Pingin’ returns to Z Space this Friday!

I’d probably go to a watching-paint-dry party as long as it was held at Z Space, but dude, this party sounds even better:

You’ve demanded it for nearly a year now! This month, SINGIN’ & PINGIN’ makes a triumphant return to its original venue, Z Space, the grand performing arts theater in the heart of the northeastern Mission!

DJ PURPLE (http://djpurple.com/) has gained notoriety and momentum since last we appeared here, so the DANCE KARAOKE show will be even tighter and more awesome than ever. And there will be FOUR TABLES for maximum BERLIN-STYLE PING PONG ACTION!

Full bar and lots of dance floor! And FREE BEER and FREE HARD CIDER for the first hour! Plus, for some reason, “The Endless Slope” indoor snowboarding machine, courtesy of Adventurous Sports (http://adventurous.com/).

Can’t wait! RSVP and invite your friends!

Photos from last year’s event here.

Naked yoga is apparently not allowed in Dolores Park

Bummer dude!

SFist published this censored version, as well as the original.

Skull-and-crossbats Giants shirt


Studio Nico is responsible. Get one here!

UPDATE: And a ladies tank.

Beastie Boys Night at American Tripps starring DJ Jamie Jams and special guest bartender Jay Beaman!

Almost exactly two years ago, a Beastie Boys cover band from Texas or something came through SF and played a set at the Knockout. They were okay, but the real star of the show was DJ Jamie Jams of Debaser, who opened and closed the proceedings with selections from his exhaustive collection of songs famously sampled by the Beasties. This Friday, he does it again.

Plus, the American Tripps crew has some other reasons for a Beastie Boys party:

We’re doing our first party in NYC later this month (May 31st) at PIPS in Williamsburg, so we thought what better way to get in gear than with a BEASTIE BOYS NIGHT right here in SF? No sleep ’til Brooklyn!!!!!

So we booked the award-winning DJ JAMIE JAMS of Debaser (’90s night) and Last Nite (’00s night) fame, and he’s spent the last few days putting together the perfect Beasties-themed set, full of hits by the boys themselves as well as lots of the songs whose *samples* provide the backbone for many of the most beloved Beastie jams.

And then we booked special guest bartender JAY BEAMAN (of Dear Mom and Thieves Tavern), and he’ll be slinging Beasties-themed drink specials!!!!!!! (Including BRASS MONKEYS and A BOTTLE OF CHATEAU NEUF DE PAPE!)

Into it! Click here to RSVP and invite your friends, and listen to some tracks Jamie’s thrown up on the wall as a preview!

Lots of neighborhood ping pong news (more ping pong news than you’re probably prepared to handle)

I’m sorry but ping pong is my favorite thing (other than blogging), so brace yourself:

  1. Tonight, and every Thursday night, is Ping Pong Nite at El Rio.

  2. We mentioned before that this Friday is Singin’ & Pingin’ at Verdi Club, but the new news is that Rocky of Rocky’s Frybread will be cooking up frybread out front!

  3. Sunday night, Rice Paper Scissors is doing a popup dinner at Dear Mom, while the SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League hosts a casual party in the back room to promote (and sign people up for) their upcoming new season.

  4. Monday night, the SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League’s new season kicks off at SoMa StrEat Food Park, 7-10pm. Sign up online or at the Sunday night Dear Mom thing.