Throwback Thursday: Photographs from the Mission the night the Warriors won the NBA Finals

I mean this is the problem with film photography right? You don’t get the stuff developed and it doesn’t end up on your Tumblr til like 2 months after the fact. Great shots though, by (sometimes) local photographer genkai_trip.

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Go Giants!

The Warriors won the NBA Championship (as expected) and there was dancing the streets in the Mission!

¡Bailando por Los Warriors! #Warriors #DubNation #laMision #sanpancho #locobloco June 16, 2015

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Let’s watch Carlos Santana and Cindy Blackman Santana’s electric-guitar-and-drums Star-Spangled Banner one more time (Go Warriors!)


Steph Curry shirt by Amos Goldbaum (Go Warriors!)

If you’re confused, maybe this will help:

Or maybe it won’t.

In any case, score one of your own (in unisex or womens’ sizes) by looking for Amos Goldbaum out by Rhea’s on Valencia, or by visiting the Amos Goldbaum website.


Climbing the Armory

Who needs Mission Cliffs when you’ve got the armory? No fees!

(Just kidding! Support local business!)

[via Xtina]

In solidarity with Steph Curry, I threw myself off a balcony and landed on my head (Go Warriors!)

And just like the MVP, I got a minor contusion but I’m A-okay!!!

Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals starts in less than an hour, let’s party!

‘Houston We Have A Problem’ by the Gooch Palms (Go Warriors!)

I saw somebody in the audience at Oracle last night with a “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM” sign, during the nail-biting fourth quarter, so I started singing the chorus from this great jam by the Gooch Palms (who are performing this summer at Mosswood Park in Oakland at Burger Boogaloo along with the Mummies, the Gories, John Waters, the Black Lips, the Trouble Makers and lots more) and it worked — we won! The chorus in question doesn’t kick in until about 2:10, so be patient:

And check it out, I was wearing a Gooch Palms shirt at the time, what are the odds?

(Actually I have four Gooch Palms shirts, so the odds were pretty good.)

Go Warriors!

[Photo by Jaime Lou]

‘Join me, Giabbit, in cheering for the Giants’

Whatever u say, Giabbit

[via Matt, who is abroad at the moment]

Surfboard and two wetsuits up for grabs

As of 45 minutes ago, in J. Rusten‘s “free scrap” box on 23rd Street.

[via J. Rusten on Instagram]