The ultimate bummer

Your team loses and you’re alone at the bar and everyone else is cheering for Uruguay :(

(I like this still best, but it’s part of a longer animated GIF by Burrito Justice.)

SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League new season kicks off tonight!

It’s just like a regular Berlin-style ping pong party, but it happens every Monday night for 6 weeks (which means ample time to forge new friendships and rivalries) and there are prizes at the end.

Sign up! (Or tweet about this post and tag @AmericanTripps for a chance to win a FREE team membership.)

Mission Cliffs spotted in Winter Olympics commercial for Chevrolet featuring same-sex couple

From the Mission Cliffs FB page:

Did you pass the rainy weekend watching the Sochi Olympics?

Then you MUST have noticed the highlight right? No, it wasn’t the triple Salchow, or the Air-to-fakie poptart….

IT WAS YOUR OWN Mission Cliffs Indoor Rock Climbing Gym APPEARING IN A COMMERCIAL! BOOM!

Look out world!

And take that, Putin!  Btw, here’s the commercial:

A party every Monday night for 6 weeks!

Here’s the deal:

Love our parties but wish there was a way you could play Berlin-style ping pong EVERY WEEK instead of just every once in a while? Join the SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League! New season starts Monday January 13, register now so you don’t miss out!

The League is a little more organized than our parties, but the number one rule is still having fun. It’s a great way to meet new people and start your week off right :)

Plus it’s at the awesome new Folsom Street Foundry! Register!

Go Ninres!

[via Emily]

How to watch the big game when you have more guests than can fit in your living room

Stoop it!

[Photo via Hae Eun]

Ping pong players

24th st. BART ‘skate park’ opening soon

The nice-ification of 24th st. and Mission continues: first we saw the reclaimed wood makeover for that crusty old Micky-D’s, now the fencing is starting to come down on the mysterious construction at the 24th st. BART Station.

The big reveal? A skate park. OK maybe not exactly a skate park, but c’mon. Those rails and steps probably have every kid in a 5-mile radius reaching for their boards. I’d dare say it’s one of the best unintentional skate parks since the Tenderloin’s US District Court Northern District Of California.

There are other changes in store, including a bizarre obelisk structure next to the stairs. It’s hollowed-out inside and appears to have an entrance so who knows what it’s real purpose may be… BART jail? Communications tower for contacting the mother ship? It’s anyone’s guess.

[2nd photo via BART]

I know you’re stoked about your IPO and everything, but do you really need to build a water slide in your backyard?

I mean, I guess it’s ok as long as you host a pool party for everyone when it’s all finished!

Colin Hanks is kicking it with our trophies right now

And by ours I mean the trophies that The Giants won.