Should you stop watching football?

There’s a movement brewing. Not an organized boycott of NFL football per se, but basically that people are feeling disinclined to watch the sport because of the growing sense of dread that comes with it. Jason Kottke, one of my favorite bloggers, explains:

I’ve been a steadfast fan of NFL football for the past 15 years. Most weekends I’d catch at least two or three games on TV. Professional football lays bare all of the human achievement + battle with self + physical intelligence + teamwork stuff I love thinking about in a particularly compelling way. But for a few years now, the cons have been piling up in my conscience: the response to head injuriesthe league’s nonprofit statusthe homophobia, and turning a blind eye to the reliance on drugs (PEDs and otherwise). And the final straw: the awful terrible inhuman way the league treats violence against women.

It’s overwhelming. Enough is enough. I dropped my cable subscription a few months ago and was considering getting it again to watch the NFL, but I won’t be doing that. Pro football, I love you, but we can’t see each other anymore. And it’s definitely you, not me. Call me when you grow up.

Getting dressed up in red and gold and going to Thieves Tavern is sure fun, but, I dunno… we’ll see.

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[Photo by Honey Jets]

Street fighting men

Such ferocity!

Capp Street Crap has a few more photos of the scene here.

Skating the ’89 quake

So, about that earthquake.  Pretty crazy, right?  I mean, it even left one of the cabinet doors in my kitchen slightly more ajar than it was before I went to bed!

[Via Dumb Skater Kids in the Mission]

Teetering on the brink


Incredible shot by East Bay-based stereo photography blog 510 3D.

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A new twist on Berlin-style ping pong

This week we’ve seen a new twist on bowling and a new twist on skeeball. Last night at NightLife at Cal Academy, we learned a new twist on Berlin-style ping pong:

As players get out, they leave their paddle randomly on the table. The number of paddles increases as the game goes on, creating more and more obstacles for the players that remain. We were playing with only about 10 people, which was fun, but imagine the challenge of a 25- or 30-person game!

Perhaps we’ll try it tonight in the Lower Haight at the only American Tripps party in August!

Two-fisted two-lane skeeball

Double the fun! (And even more challenging that that new way of bowling!)

This is bowling, there are rules!

Or maybe not.

How to epicly jump the fence at SoMa West Skatepark



[via SFBG]

A veteran skater responds to uproar over skatepark noise levels

Our buddy Eric Ehler, who penned a very heartfelt review of the new skatepark for us, responds to the uproar over his recommendation that ambitious skaters hop the fence before the park’s 9am opening hour:

Thanks for publishing that review. Honestly, I didn’t think of the noise level that hard. I mean, as I thought about the problem, there was a construction crew jack hammering outside my door, at 7:00am.

Though that problem will go away (my construction), the skate park problem will stay. Maybe?

I think the piss problem can be solved, just need a public restroom, just like any other park, right?

But that noise. I was unaware that people were going in the middle of the night. I did it once, and its super hard to skate. Definitely the people going in the middle of the night are teenagers/kids. Not too many older skaters. It’ll all mellow during the school year.

Anyway, thanks for supporting the skateboarding community. I’ll urge folks to not skate after hours.

Thanks, Eric!

[Photo via a video by Luis Zavala]

Skatepark neighbors upset over disrespectful behavior at and around the skatepark

Last night around 6:30pm, I got multiple emails within the space of 5 minutes from neighbors upset that our official review of the new skatepark encouraged skaters to hop the fence at 7am, 2 hours before the skatepark opens.

Apparently, skateboarding is noisy and people need to sleep. I totally get that. (I hucked a metal wash basin high into the tree outside my window yesterday morning at 6am or something to scare off a pair of mockingbirds that would not shut the fuck up.) Here is the most polite of the emails:

Neighbors of the skatepark are unable to sleep at night due to the constant, 24/7 noise coming from the skatepark as people jump the fence at all hours of the night. Never mind the urination on doorsteps, littering, etc.

It would go a long way toward community relations if you could resist the temptation to encourage people to break the law and disrespect neighbors. We would appreciate you removing the line in your article suggesting that people should enter the park illegally before the 9am opening hours.

Others were pushy and threatening, one had a subject line that reads “Irresponsible Journalism,” and several definitely suggest that a coalition of neighbors is possibly prepared to work toward getting the park shut down.

Skateboarding, like most creative endeavors — and most awesome things in this world — is strongly tied to rule-breaking, and I hesitate to call on anyone or any group to not be rule-breakers and creative thinkers. I mean:

But it’s also awesome to be a good neighbor, so I’d say resist the temptation to hop the fence before 9am. Not because it’s unlawful but because your neighbors will really appreciate it and you’ll get good karma. And for goodness’ sake, don’t pee on doorsteps. Go to Rice Paper Scissors and pee, and buy a banh mi.

I’ll update the original post to reflect this new angle.

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