Go Giants!

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Go Giants!

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Does Hunter Pence know what a soccer ball is?

Boo-yah! Go Giants!

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Watch Huey Lewis and the News sing the national anthem before a Giants-Cardinals NLCS game at Candlestick Park in 1987


Chills, man. Chills.

(Now that is how it’s done, asshole from Staind.)

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Go Giants!

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Hunter Pence and the Mission soccer field controversy

Go Giants!

Rad Bumgarner shirt

Modeled by the distinguished Alex DeWall, captain of the Community Thrift fleet, and created by the illustrious Lil Tuffy, designer of the unforgettable Mission Mission Bingo chart!  Available along with another rad “HUNTER FUCKING PENCE” shirt here.

(Btw, how crazy is it that the Giants have been to three recent World Series riding three completely different aces each time?  First Lincecum, then Matt Cain, and now Madison Bumgarner?  Unreal!)

Go Giants!

Go Giants!

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Hot new signage at Mission Cliffs


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Go Giants! in a civilized manner


So far everyone’s been loudly enthusiastic but very well behaved. A commendable bit of acting like you’ve been there before. Of course, the heavy police presence also helps.


It’s starting to feel just like October!