Bob Buckter – Color Consultant

Color Consultant
I take color for granted. I walk around looking at the great architecture of the neighborhood and sometimes the color just seems like part of it all. Like that’s what color it was built to be.

Bob Buckter, Dr. Color, probably resents that idea. This Mission resident consults property owners on building on the beauty of the design by properly coloring the exterior. (he does interiors too, but I don’t get to see those) And judging by the examples on his website, he gets the job done.

Here is the doctor’s handy guide to stenciling:

Picture from

How to stencil:
(1) Look for a similar building of the same period which has more architectural enhancements.
(2) Take a photograph of the enhancement.
(3) Enlarge the print to scale.
(4) Trace the print on Mylar or acetate.
(5) Cut your stencil.
(6) Wearing the right colored shirt helps you to “tie-in”!

Check out his site for more.