Carnaval will go on this year

According to The Examiner Carnaval will happen, despite being in debt due to a combination of poor fiscal management and rising fees, at a cost of $300,000, scaled down from $900,000 last year. The organization that puts it on is around $170,000 in debt and the city intends to find out why.

Mission Carnaval
[photo by Volker Neumann]

More at The Examiner.

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UPDATE: They need volunteers, you can sign up here.

Carnaval is in trouble

After 35 years of the annual celebration in the Mission, the neighborhood cultural institution is in danger of not happening this year.

[pic by Keoki Seu]

Carnaval Parade San Francisco 2010
[pic by David Yu]

We all know the Mission is changing. Rapidly. It’s annoying to talk about because it seems like it’s the only conversation we can have these days. We’re all part of the change in some way. I know I am, in more ways than one. As we build new traditions and landmarks, and find new ways to celebrate our various cultural heritages (I’m looking at you, midwesterner drinking a PBR in the park) I think it’s worth taking a little time to consider aspects that we love about this neighborhood that we may be losing. I moved to the Mission before I knew what it was, but I fought hard to stay here because of what I discovered. One element that made this neighborhood so desirable and infinitely adventurous to me is that it had such a varied history, and it carried pieces of all times with it. Looking around, block to block, building to building, I could see the marks left by all the different people to come through here. And I felt like there was room for me to leave my mark too.

Carnaval Parade San Francisco 2010
[pic by David Yu]

Cadillac de Carnival
[pic by Todd Lappin]

I could go on, but I’ll spare you this time. All this is just a way to say that for many people, myself included, Carnaval is the Mission. As are burritos. As is street art. As is whatever your favorite thing about the Mission happens to be. Carnaval is expensive to put on and it may not be able to happen anymore. El Tecolote has a good article about the recent struggles here. To learn more there is a community meeting tomorrow night (3/19) at Brava Theater.

UPDATE: The Examiner says it will happen this year.