New Dolores Park food vendor: Costco pizza guy

Looks like we just got some more lunch options at the park. This guy was spotted slinging slices, to which spectator wbtc remarked,

I’m not saying that selling slices of pizza in the park is a terrible idea, but Costco pizza, dude? Really?

Say what you will about Costco pizza (although I know people who swear by it), if he’s picking these up for $9.99 a pie, it’s clear that his business model is sound.

Now that the Costco seal has been broken, what’s next, microwave burritos, boxed corn dogs, and Otter Pops?

Update: P.D. Bird has more on the slice slinger:

Once [cold beer, cold water] got busted, this guy tried to sell “cold beer, cold water” and was warned (CBCW James never got a warning) for selling beer, the next day he showed up with Pizza and has been at it ever since. He is a nice enough guy, has a great brooklyn italian accent and even wears the vest and cook jacket that is in the photo. Costco pizza is what it is, but to have it delivered, without having to move/bike/walk anywhere is priceless at 2 pm on a saturday. I think this is great,and he even gives u credit if you are a park regular.

[via wbtc]