Try Not To Get Sick Before Saturday

Yeah, so I guess that whole universal health care thing didn’t really work out. Nobody wants to be a communist, after all. So what are your options now?

Rupa Marya is a local medical doctor. She also happens to be the leader of the world-traveling band Rupa and the April Fishes. That makes her a pretty darn good authority on health care and how low-income folks with no insurance (most musicians and artists, for example) can access it. She is helping organize a free presentation on health care options in San Francisco this Saturday, January 8 from 2-3:30pm in the Mission. All are welcome.

Here are the details:

++CMF–Accessing Health Care for Artists in SF++

The Community Music Forum brings you another chapter. . .A FREE presentation of how to access services available at low cost (or no cost) in SF. This session is OPEN TO ALL—not just artists but will highlight health issues that tend to be more prevalent in SF’s art scene.

We will have a representative from SF’s HEALTHY SF there to demystify the enrollment process and answer any questions you have about HEALTHY SF–if you qualify for it (you probably do), what medications and services are covered, what is not covered and how you get set up.

We will also have a list of providers available from other healing traditions who provide sliding scale services. And if you have any random health questions, there will be a handful of doctors in the house.

COME ON BY! and RSVP so we can get a headcount and make enough chai.

The Porto Franco Art Parlor is the venue for this, and it’s located at 953 Valencia Street.

[photo by kapshure]