Dear Mission Street Food community — I hereby demand JAPADOGS:

I was up in Vancouver for a couple of days for the Olympics, and this line was one of the longer in town. (Longest were the lines for public transit –  they were Toyko-crowded, but they moved fast.  OMG I simply cannot imagine Muni trying to deal with the Olympics.)

Anyway, more on the magic that are JAPADOGS here.


Has this existed for months?  I’ve never noticed.  Today was the first time I came across LEOS HOTDOGS, an enterprise of CESAR ASCARRUNZ’s, in front of 24th St. BART.  Brand new? Has anyone tried this shit?

This situation, plus the  incoming Rosamunde situation, means many tubes of meat in the Mission come 2k10.  Prepare yourselves for the thrill ride of your lives.