Taco Arigato, Mr Roboto (This Burrito Had Considerable Volume)

Behold! A taco truck on the streets of Japan.

(Via LA Taco, via streetfoodSF.)

Mexican food in Japan can be a surreal and bizarre experience. This will be either totally awesome or incredibly awkward. Either way I want to eat there badly.

Further googling in-depth research yields us a Japanese foodie web site called 「Food Event Hunt」 (translated page here) that covered the 「フィエスタ メヒカーナ」, aka  「Fiesta Mexican」 where our new favorite taco truck made an appearance.

Best line: このブリー ト、かなりボリュームありました。 (“This burrito had considerable volume.”).

And through some judicious internet translating and stalking, we have discovered the home base of our now world-famous Aguacate Taco Truck. On your next visit to Tokyo, approach slowly and make no sudden movements.


Dear Mission Street Food community — I hereby demand JAPADOGS:

I was up in Vancouver for a couple of days for the Olympics, and this line was one of the longer in town. (Longest were the lines for public transit –  they were Toyko-crowded, but they moved fast.  OMG I simply cannot imagine Muni trying to deal with the Olympics.)

Anyway, more on the magic that are JAPADOGS here.