Mission Dog Runs Google Map


Carleigh just put together this handsome reference for dog owners. Doggie-friendly hotspots both authorized and not are mapped and annotated. Sample commentary:

Despite loathing to even walk by this place after nightfall (I hate catcalling and I hate daily drunks and on-the-sidewalk spitters even more), Poochie and I made a late night run and play through this playground once when the locks had been broken off so we could get it. However, there was too much trash/temptation for Poochie so we had to vamonos.

Carleigh’s blog entry. Carleigh’s map. Note that the project is a work in progress, so drop her a line if you’ve got a hot tip.


Concert Calendar/Google Map Mashup

2 Responses to “Mission Dog Runs Google Map”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    I just realized the title might make it sound like a dog from the Mission has been put in charge of some Google Map somewhere. I apologize for any confusion.

  2. datelhors says:

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