Mission Dog Runs Google Map


Carleigh just put together this handsome reference for dog owners. Doggie-friendly hotspots both authorized and not are mapped and annotated. Sample commentary:

Despite loathing to even walk by this place after nightfall (I hate catcalling and I hate daily drunks and on-the-sidewalk spitters even more), Poochie and I made a late night run and play through this playground once when the locks had been broken off so we could get it. However, there was too much trash/temptation for Poochie so we had to vamonos.

Carleigh’s blog entry. Carleigh’s map. Note that the project is a work in progress, so drop her a line if you’ve got a hot tip.


Concert Calendar/Google Map Mashup

More Mission Mappage


First, Jesse wrote in to ask for a little help from the Mission Mission community:

Do I live in the Mission?

I vote yes – many others vote no.

I live off 24th street, in between Portrero  and the 101.  I claim
this makes me live in the mission, since I NEVER head up the hill for
anything.  Instead, when going out, I nearly always trek down 24th
street into the Mission for fun and activities.  However, many others
are adamant that Portrero is the dividing line and I in fact live on
Portrero hill.  Nevermind that it’s flat here.

So help me MissionMission – do i live in the Mission?   Or do I have
to invent some strange nether region name for my area?  Portrero
Flats?  Missiontrero? Port-o-Mission?

- Jesse

PS – helpful map included, because that’s how we roll in the SFGH
parking neighborhood.

Then, we were over at Burrito Justice and spotted this artful bit of cartography that highlights my favorite Mission microhood, La Lengua:

Link. (T-shirt coming soon, Johnny?)

Independent Crime Map

SpotCrime gathers crime data using both news reports and publicly available government info, and pairs it with Google Maps and cute little icons. You can sort by date range and type of crime. Link to their San Francisco map. Thanks, Colin!