Google maps takes you inside Bi-Rite

Woah, did you know you can “walk” through Bi-Rite using Google Maps? I didn’t either, until I accidentally dragged the little yellow Google dude on top of it. See for yourself.

It’s surprisingly high-resolution. You can even zoom in and read the sandwich menu. Glad Google decided to preserve this snapshot of history. In 10 years we’ll be looking back at this and saying, “wow I remember when a 2″ x 2″ block of artisanal cheese only cost $7!”

Anyone know any other places that have this enabled? I want to live vicariously through my web browser as I work all day in an Oakland cubicle.

Google Maps Time Travel On 18th and Treat

Yesterday Andrew posted about this cafe space up for grabs on 18th and Treat. Here is the spot on Google Maps:

But check this out: if you click the right arrow on 18th, Google Map’s built-in flux capacitor fires up and you get to see the same spot as it will appear in 2 months, if current economic trends continue!

Use this feature wisely and always remember: if you travel back in time, try not to fuck up your parent’s first date. Otherwise, they will never hook up and you will start to fade from existence. (But wait, then how did you get there in the first place? Damn, time travel is confusing. Discuss.)

Mission Dog Runs Google Map


Carleigh just put together this handsome reference for dog owners. Doggie-friendly hotspots both authorized and not are mapped and annotated. Sample commentary:

Despite loathing to even walk by this place after nightfall (I hate catcalling and I hate daily drunks and on-the-sidewalk spitters even more), Poochie and I made a late night run and play through this playground once when the locks had been broken off so we could get it. However, there was too much trash/temptation for Poochie so we had to vamonos.

Carleigh’s blog entry. Carleigh’s map. Note that the project is a work in progress, so drop her a line if you’ve got a hot tip.


Concert Calendar/Google Map Mashup

Google Maps Walking Directions Lets You Plan Route Through Dolores Park

Today, Google Maps’ highly anticipated (especially here in the most walkable city in the world) “Walking Directions” feature is available to all users. It does let you plan a route through the pathways in Dolores Park, but as of yet, it doesn’t seem to realize pedestrians can walk on grass :(

Link. [via Google Blogoscoped]

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