BARTscalator Flux Capacitor

24th St BART escalator update: still broken.


The estimated repair date is now IN THE PAST.


Also, if BART ever hits 88 miles per hour, you might end up at the Smile Awhile Tavern.

Google Maps Time Travel On 18th and Treat

Yesterday Andrew posted about this cafe space up for grabs on 18th and Treat. Here is the spot on Google Maps:

But check this out: if you click the right arrow on 18th, Google Map’s built-in flux capacitor fires up and you get to see the same spot as it will appear in 2 months, if current economic trends continue!

Use this feature wisely and always remember: if you travel back in time, try not to fuck up your parent’s first date. Otherwise, they will never hook up and you will start to fade from existence. (But wait, then how did you get there in the first place? Damn, time travel is confusing. Discuss.)