Travel and dine back in time

The esteemed time travel team at Pastmapper have released a little bit of history that you can hold in your hand — behold the Pastmapper iPhone app that lets you check into the ghosts of restaurants and bars past. The sixties welcomes you:



@bradvertising has started with 1966, with more years coming. But it’s fascinating to dig in and see what was where when. The Smile Awhile Tavern (aka proto-Farolito Bar) welcomes you:


You get more points for checking in close to the place, but fret not, I will destroy you on the leaderboard.

Anyway, more detail over on Pastmapper, so turn on, check in, and drop a note.

6 Responses to “Travel and dine back in time”

  1. Teotwawki Jones says:


  2. shlub says:

    Good lord, now the internets allow us to judge past, closed and failed businesses.

    Immense time wasted for all. Oh well.

  3. chalkman says:

    Flying Saucer is the resturant I miss most in the Mission

  4. scum says:

    How many people on here were even alive before 76, let alone 66.

  5. Not quite as sexy as this, but a while back I made a google map showing all the taverns listed in the 1960 city directory.