Vegan Update: Buffalo Trannies R.I.P.

Buffalo Trannies RIP

Yesterday I sacrificed all my vegan street cred and opted to get my seitan fix at Weird Fish instead of Bender’s.  Turns out they do not sell Buffalo Trannies anymore.  WHAT GIVES?  They didn’t even have a 6’8″ guy puking in the bathroom covered in empty PBR cans.  Bender’s is still king.

Speaking of Bender’s, I really like the idea of stuffing my face with some fried yo-yos right now.

(Photo credit rayeverettchurch)

9 Responses to “Vegan Update: Buffalo Trannies R.I.P.”

  1. grafiksgirl says:

    what? noooooooooooo :(

  2. shawnbot says:

    The seitan ones are actually the Buffalo *Girls* at Weird Fish. They introduced the tofu trannies pretty recently, and (if it is, in fact, the case) they probably stopped serving them because they weren’t very good.

  3. fergus says:

    aren’t the buffalo “gals” the seitan hot wings and the “trannies” are tofu, the newest permutation?

  4. monica. says:

    i was having a great night and then this had to happen. wtf.

  5. Jamie says:

    I will miss the yo yos. Deep fried pickles at a bar will be my death, and Shane was too awesome. As an aside, since I can’t post here, anyone get the scoop on what just happened at 22nd and Treat? It’s got some heat. Possibly a knife fight?

    • Yo-yos are still ots both locations. Just to clarify, Bender’s is still 100% full menu and Weird Fish just lost the Buffalo Trannies.

      Still, it’s tragic.

  6. rogue says:

    maybe they realized how fucking offensive the name “buffalo trannies” is.

  7. megan says:

    The seitan ones are where it’s at anyway, the tofu was unnecessary.

    The housemade vegan cheesecake at WF more than makes up for it; IT’S THE JAM.