Wind Knocks Some Shit Down at 25th n' Utah

Wind knocks some shit down!

Looks like some wind FUCKED UP some scaffolding (with a little vehicular collateral damage).

Mission Loc@l has a really long story on it that I didn’t read but I’ll summarize for you here anyways:

  1. It was wicked windy in SF last night.
  2. Some construction crew did not properly secure the scaffolding to the building
  3. Wind knocked over some scaffolding
  4. One of the car owners is really pissed off this happened
  5. The other car owner could not be reached for comment
  6. The people renting the building said they heard a noise and then noticed there was wood everywhere.  ”We were, like, shit!  That doesn’t look right!”
  7. Spelling mistake
  8. A spokeswoman for the construction company apologizes for the incident, blames the wind, says this type of stuff happens a lot in places like Chicago
  9. A visibly still drunk worker mentions that he was out with his friends when he got the call to come pick stuff up
  10. Workers get mad overtime pay
  11. Company + insurance has to replace the vehicles
  12. Profit!

Was I right?

(LinkPhoto Mission Loc@l)

Vegan Update: Buffalo Trannies R.I.P.

Buffalo Trannies RIP

Yesterday I sacrificed all my vegan street cred and opted to get my seitan fix at Weird Fish instead of Bender’s.  Turns out they do not sell Buffalo Trannies anymore.  WHAT GIVES?  They didn’t even have a 6’8″ guy puking in the bathroom covered in empty PBR cans.  Bender’s is still king.

Speaking of Bender’s, I really like the idea of stuffing my face with some fried yo-yos right now.

(Photo credit rayeverettchurch)