Tossing Beer Up Trees in Dolores Park

Something I am amazed worked out: this guy climbed nearly to the top of a tree in Dolores Park, had his friend toss him up a glass bottle of Red Stripe, caught it, and proceeded to drink it.  Bad ass.

the climb - start


dolores park tree catch

dolores park tree toast

I hope he didn’t die trying to get down.

Also, doesn’t this other guy climbing the tree remind you of the kid from Bad Santa?

bad santa climbing a tree

6 Responses to “Tossing Beer Up Trees in Dolores Park”

  1. PsychoKat says:

    I know this guy. A co-worker of a good friend of mine. He is fine. Just surprised there were pictures of this event.

  2. felixincognito says:

    walker! he used to be a roommate. makes excellent art. had a burly ‘stache before he moved to sf. he does these sort of things. great guy.

  3. GinGin says:

    I witnessed this as well. I thought the little kid in the bottom picture looked exactly like a young penis-drawing Jonah Hill from Superbad.

  4. jasmine says:

    I saw that kid as well. Unfortunately what that photo doesn’t show is his inability to make it up the tree due to his chubiness. Laughs were shared by all.

  5. krismacd says:

    I threw the beer up to him. It was a nice throw on the first try. We were all amazed.