Get Your Multimedia Comedy With Things We Made

Jesse Fernandez has been running a multimedia comedy show called Things We Made at The Dark Room Theater on 18th/Mission for over two years now and I have a feeling it’s pretty funny.   Sure, “multimedia comedy show” sounds kinda douchey, but it can’t be any worse than the things you currently laugh at (Seth Rogen? Are you kidding me?).  Be honest with yourself: you have a shitty sense of humor.

But back to Things We Made.  The relevant deets:

“Things We Made” is a comedy show that presents a salad of wit, characters, videos, illustrations, movement and music. It’s an atmosphere to share unconventional and often brilliant creations. Patrick Bulger and Jesse Fernandez host this monthly conduit of San Francisco’s original and delectable humor.

When: 10:00pm, 10/17/09

What: A comedy show called “Things We Made”

Who: Chris Garcia (The Onion’s Aristocrat Award-winner), Donny Divanian (San Francisco Fringe Festival), Chris Thayer, plus the Things We Made Cast!

Where: The Dark Room Theater on 2263 Mission Street (between 18th and 19th), San Francisco, CA 94110

Cost: $10

For more info: 415-401-7987, , ,

Go on and see it!

Chris Garcia, I remember being pretty funny.  I vaguely recall my bf and I trying to impress him with jokes one night at maybe the Hemlock and walking away feeling successful, but let’s face it.  We weren’t funny.  Sorry,  Chris.

One Response to “Get Your Multimedia Comedy With Things We Made”

  1. sf_Jef says:

    That has to be the single worst endorsement of a show I’ve ever read. Not only did you state it “sounds kinda douchey”, but you manage to trash your own readers who laugh at Seth Rogen movies. Are YOU kidding ME?!

    I know all the comics in this show and THEY are hilarious. YOU are a hipster bore, insulating your “recommendation” with back-handed cynicism. What’s next? You gonna complain about hipsters in Dolores Park while you drink PBRs? PLAYED OUT!

    Also, here’s something you should know about Chris Garcia: he’s super-polite, so if he chuckled at you at the Hemlock, he was being charitable.

    “Things We Made” is a great show, as is “The Business” on Wednesdays, and the Thursday night comedy shows, all at the Dark Room. Don’t bother reviewing them though, one of your positive comedy reviews might make readers think it’s a funeral.