Where the Sidewalk Begins

Valencia sidewalks being put in!  Now’s the time to trace your initials into the cement.

Photo from Spots Unknown.

6 Responses to “Where the Sidewalk Begins”

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  2. noesmachosolementeunboracho says:

    Oh nice. More space for the drunks to stumble back and forth on.

  3. Marco says:

    I don’t think this is the sidewalk yet — it’s the gutter area of the street. But can’t wait til this new sidewalk is done — it’ll be great to have more space on Valencia, outdoor seating at cafe’s and restaurants, etc.

  4. waitwhatseriously? says:

    they removed all of my sweet tags.

  5. olewanei says:

    Slightly confused as to where street parking and bike lane will fit?

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  7. Ava says:

    Marco, How do you sit at cafe’s? Most people sit at cafes.