Just a little peek



A couple of things going on here.

New Engraved Sidewalks

I noticed these new decorative engraved sidewalk blocks on 16th and Valencia a couple of days ago and I was wondering how they were done. Turned out to be less high-tech than I thought: grinding by hand with an orbital sander.

Check ‘em out before they are covered in gum stains.

[See the full video on andy.brooks' Flickr]

Gum Spot Spotted

Gum Spot Spotted
You should throw your trash in the trash can, for sure. But if you happen to have some gum that you weren’t wanting, I know a spot.

Capp Street, natch.

Also, this is the urban fairy circle, right?

Subject Line: Breaking news OMGWTFBBQ

To: Mission Mission
From: Eric

They’re FINALLY paving the sidewalk on Valencia today!!!!  I could hardly contain myself when I saw it.

Where the Sidewalk Begins

Valencia sidewalks being put in!  Now’s the time to trace your initials into the cement.

Photo from Spots Unknown.