New Engraved Sidewalks

I noticed these new decorative engraved sidewalk blocks on 16th and Valencia a couple of days ago and I was wondering how they were done. Turned out to be less high-tech than I thought: grinding by hand with an orbital sander.

Check ‘em out before they are covered in gum stains.

[See the full video on andy.brooks' Flickr]

4 Responses to “New Engraved Sidewalks”

  1. Sean says:

    I walk by these every day on my way to 16th & Mission. They may have polished or touched up the final result with an angle grinder, but the initial etching was done with sandblasting. For a day or two they had large cloth barriers up around the sidewalk areas and workers with hoses and breathing masks were obviously sandblasting the sidewalk.

    I really like the dia de los muertos skeletons, but the floral pattern is meh.

  2. bourbonface says:

    Beautiful! I wish Austin would do something like this.

  3. no.thanks. says:

    i wonder how all of the additions to valencia street will age. so far it looks amazing because its all new.

  4. Neo Displacer says:

    The skeletons are misplaced on Valencia at 16th, they are more appropriate on 24th. The effect, in context to location, is more Grateful than Day o’