Subject Line: Breaking news OMGWTFBBQ

To: Mission Mission
From: Eric

They’re FINALLY paving the sidewalk on Valencia today!!!!  I could hardly contain myself when I saw it.

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  1. redbearded says:

    So what’s happening with the part where the new sidewalk is a good 10 inches LOWER than the existing road pavement? I think it’s at the corner of 17th or 18th and Valencia. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • Mike says:

      Burrito Justice had several posts on the underlying geology around there (it’s a cross between the creekbed for Mission Creek and a sinkhole – the Valencia Hotel disappeared into a chasm near there in ’06) – I’m sure that you’re probably referring to a general, level lowering of the sidewalk, but the comment made me wonder if the sidewalk was already slouching into the historical canyon…

      - Mike

    • albionite says:

      I’m pretty suretThe part that looks like sidewalk but is lower than the street will actually be given another layer of paving and made part of the street, the parking lane, you can already see where the curb is, and that’s at a reasonable height.

  2. CrackerOG says:

    Yes…It’s about time some freaking work happened on that part of the block. Our friends at Mariachi’s report that things have been real slow since they started. Most days there is no work going on at all out there. Whats up with that? I just leave the Sk8 board at home if I am passing through that block. As far as historical canyon thoughts— I once looked down the manhole (no gay jokes please) in the middle of the intersection by Uptown (Capp st.) and there was a HUGE underground river raging by. Food for thought. (I get huge discounts on my iphone by complaining about Notoriously bad Mission reception)

    • olu says:

      there’s also a visible flow of water running in the basement of mission high school… anyway, talk more about this iphone discount you receive by living in the mission.

      • K-mac says:

        I’ve heard there’s a river flowing through the basement of the Armory/ basement too.

      • CrackerOG says:

        Well, olu and whomever stands to save some cheddar on their phone bill to AT&FU, It relates to the below sea level, water running through the basement, discussion in the sense that at phone reception in this hood is no bueno! If you lived in pacific heights you would get better reception but then an over-one-hundred-dollar-phone-bill would not bother you, but that is another discussion. To say it nice and simply, I call and make a formal complaint and AT&FU gives me a discount because of my dropped calls and other crap. (slow downloads, slow to imposible photosending in text, etc.)

      • kiya says:

        AT&T is fixing the terrible reception in the Mission. They’re installing a dedicated tower near 17th/Valencia on January 23rd. Supposedly come February 1st we should all be getting amazing reception in the mission if you’re on AT&T.

      • Marco says:

        Interesting Mission Creek and other San Francisco waterway maps and history here:

        Among other things…

        Mission Creek was navigable until 1874. By the early twentieth century, the lagoons and creeks of the Mission had been filled with trash and 1906 earthquake rubble, sold as private lots and built upon. But the water was still there, tapped by homes and businesses before the Hetch Hetchy system of subscribed and vended water superseded it. According to a 1913 survey of 700 San Francisco wells, Mission district wells produced more than 1.2 million gallons per day. The survey, one of the first projects of city Engineer Michael M. O’Shaughnessy, began the long process of replacing those wells with Hetch Hetchy Project water.

        The springs that feed Mission Creek can still be seen and heard all along the inclines and alleys of Mount Olympus and upper Eureka Valley. At Clayton Street, where the main waterway’s path crosses Market Street, permanently wet and mossy curbs attest to what was once a small cascade. New Century Beverage (later Pepsi) at Seventeenth Street and Valencia where the police station now stands, supplied their bottling operations into the 1990s from free and potable waters flowing under their property. Atlas Home Laundry linen cleaning service, which was just replaced by a new development at Seventeenth and Hoff (between Mission and Valencia Streets), drew 10,000 gallons a day of groundwater before it closed.

    • CrackerOG says:

      To answer my own question. The construction guys on the sight say that the month long delays are the fault of PG&E having to lower the gas and electric service down to accommodate the new work. (sorry if this was on TV. Me no like TV:0)I guess it’s to late to go back to wetlands/Mission Creek environment. Hard to ride your fixie and use your iphone on marshland with no cell tower.

  3. No Name Yet says:

    Does anyone know who Pezz is? I want to challenge him to a sticker art duel!

  4. kiya says:

    I can’t wait till this is finished, it’s been a nightmare for us with the construction on either side of our building and out front at the same time.

    In other news… that building on the corner of 18th/Valencia, they’re not condos, they’re apartments. Surprise!

  5. Ryan says:

    its harmfull. when will it be finished?